SP abused student, Chief Minister suspended

Bhopal. A video is going viral in the social media in which a student is asking a police officer for help and instead of helping him, he is threatening to put him in jail or abusing him. In a state where the SP level police officer interacts with the student in this way, it can be understood how the attitude of the employees below him towards the general public. Although the Chief Minister immediately removed him from the post, but then it raises a serious question for the police administration and also raises questions on the selection and training of the police officer. Many people are cheering the Chief Minister but everyone knows that this type of hooliganism and use of abusive words is very common in police stations.

According to the information, indecent, abusive language was used by Arvind Tiwari as Superintendent of Police Jhabua with the students of Government Polytechnic College Jhabua over the phone, the recording of which was made viral on social media by the student. In Rule-3(1) of the All India Services (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1969, Mr. Tiwari has been suspended with immediate effect. However, during the period of suspension, he will be eligible for subsistence allowance as per rules.

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