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Nandlal Chhanga is all set to charm the audience with his hypnotizing voice in Tuta Hai Dil, starring Vishal Pandey and Aliya Hamidi

2020 has not been the best year but songs are definitely a good way to make it better. Music has healed many souls as is deemed as one of the best cooing mechanisms that works for almost everyone. Nandlal Chhanga is bringing to his fans and followers his next hit Tuta Hai Dil, a beautiful song about pain and heartbreak. Experiencing pain in love is natural and common, however portraying is impeccably through a song is a task that only Chhanga can. The soulful music has been given by Shivam Gundecha. Of course, credit should also be given to Vishal Pandey and Aliya Hamidi who have played their part extraordinarily in the music video produced by Ishaan Chhanga & Raj Chhanga. As teaser hints, Nandlal Chhanga’s voice has taken the song to the next level; it has not only been amazingly sung but has also been beautifully written. The teaser, released on 18th December, attests to this fact and confirms that the song will be promising and deliver peace to many souls. This project by Rajdev Brahmbhatt is set to release soon, something that peers and fans of Chhanga are eagerly waiting for. The music video has been directed by Dhruwal Patel brilliantly and shot with perfection. The whole story comes together along with the melodious voice of Nandlal Chhanga to convey that getting hurt in love happens to everyone and one must look forward and not give up. Chhanga is a celebrated singer, he has delivered several hit songs from different genres. He is also known for his songwriting skills like he weaves words together with his beautiful voice. Many people have drawn inspiration from him and Chhanga has become a source of motivation for aspiring singers. His song, Tuta Hai Dil, will be a gift to the audience.

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