Most jobs in Bangalore

Bangalore. Bangalore has not only emerged as the preferred city in the field of technology but is also achieving the highest in the field of employment.
It has the strongest intention to recruit in the second quarter of the current financial year due to the growth achieved in IT, e-commerce, FMCG and other related sectors.
In the ‘Employment Outlook Report’ of human resources company TeamLease Services, it was told that 95 percent of employers have made up their mind to recruit more in the July-September quarter compared to the earlier period of April-June. 91 percent of employers said so.
Broadly speaking, 61 per cent of India’s corporate companies are willing to recruit in this period, which is seven per cent more than the previous quarter. In Bangalore, there was a positive trend regarding recruitment in both manufacturing and service sectors. Leading industries in manufacturing in this case are FMCG (48 per cent), health care and pharmaceuticals (43), manufacturing, engineering and infrastructure (38), energy and power (34) and agriculture and agrochemicals (34 per cent). 30).
Leading industries in terms of recruitment intent in the services sector are information technology (97 per cent), e-commerce and related startups (85), educational services (70), telecommunications (60), retail (essential goods) (64), retail (non-essential) (30) and financial services (55).
Mahesh Bhatt, Chief Business Officer, TeamLease Services, said that in the last decade, Bengaluru as a market has registered strong growth in diverse industries. Many new age internet based companies have emerged here which offer diverse value based services and products.
He said that this positive growth has created immense employment opportunities in various sectors and roles. More and more employers want to expand their fleet of resources and pay higher wages. Recruitment intentions are expected to further strengthen to 97 per cent in the coming quarters.
Employers seeking recruitment are highest in manufacturing in Delhi (72 per cent), followed by Mumbai (59) and Chennai (55). Bengaluru (97 per cent) is at the fore in the service sector, followed by Mumbai (81) and then Delhi (68). (Language)

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