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Biden’s message to China. So even China did not sit silent. Rather now. As the Quad summit was underway, Russian and Chinese fighter jets took a joint flight over the Asia-Pacific region.

The Tokyo summit again made it clear that the role or agenda of the Quadrangular Security Dialogue (Quad) Quad is still unclear. It is quite clear that the Quad is not a military alliance at the moment. Therefore, there is no possibility of it becoming a NATO-like role in the Asia Pacific region. Overall, it can be said that it is a forum of dialogue, whose purpose is to provide a platform to the countries involved to discuss the main security related issues of the region. Especially on security-related issues that have to do with China. At the Tokyo summit, the four countries included in this group expressed their intention to stop the growing influence of China without naming them. It is clear from China’s response that the message sent from Tokyo has been accepted by it. In fact, even before the Quaid meeting, US President Biden bluntly said in the matter of Taiwan that America is committed to protecting Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack on it.

Although the White House later clarified that there has been no change in US policy regarding Taiwan, it can be said that what Biden said has served the US purpose of sending a clear message to China about this. However, when it comes to the message, even China did not remain silent. Rather, while the Quad summit was still underway, Russian and Chinese fighter jets took a joint flight over the Asia-Pacific region. A day after this incident, North Korea fired three missiles. So it can be said that Russia, China, and North Korea have tried to convey the message to America in their own way. His message is that if America and its allies violate the main interest of these countries, then these countries are also ready for war. So the matter has come to this point. The Asia Pacific region is already tense. The latest meeting of the Quad has increased this further. Where it will go next is difficult to predict.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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