Meet Yohaan Arora: Young Social Media King of India

Yohaan Arora is one of the youngest social media king of India. He is a social media king because he has all solutions for everything which is digital marketing. In this article, we will talk about him and his journey.

Yohaan Arora

Due to the skills and dedication for his work he perfectly collab with many artists, influencers and TikTokers.

He is an expert in Instagram growth, YouTube ads. Also, have 100M base on Instagram and 150M base on TikTok with popular TikTokers.

He also writes many Punjabi songs which will be coming soon with Punjabi artists.

He has more than 30k on his main Instagram account Which is @mr_yohaan

Another account is for amazing shayaris, which is written by him.

Also, have his company known as @fame.manager.

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