Aditya Belnekar Perfectly Sums Up On How Digital Media Is Booming Amidst The Coronavirus Outbreak

The entrepreneur has helped many startups to build their digital presence.
Businesses have taken a toll with the novel coronavirus spreading all over the world. Almost every industry has faced a major setback due to COVID-19. To control the situation in India, the government extended the lockdown till May 3. Social media and digital marketing are however booming in this pandemic. Almost every individual is spending time on social media apps like Instagram and Facebook. On the contrary, TikTok has got billions of downloads during this time. Aditya Belnekar, a prominent name in the digital marketing field explains how one can gain recognition in the self-isolation time.

Belnekar, the owner of ‘TEAMWIZARDMEDIA’, a digital marketing firm is a pioneer in the marketing of brands, movies and influencers. The 24-year-old artist is innate to crazy and innovative ideas as he understands what works the best on the internet. In the time of quarantine, Aditya shared his views on how digital medium is getting flooded with users. He said, “Everyone is free and are staying indoors. To pass time, people are consuming content through OTT platforms and other apps like TikTok. Rather than just consuming content, people are even creating their own content and you never know what can get viral on the web.” Known as the Cyber Mogul of India, the young entrepreneur believes that many users will come out as TikTokers after the lockdown gets over.

Apart from this, Aditya Belnekar suggests that one can effectively use the time to come up with branding strategies. The entrepreneur has helped many startups to build their digital presence. “Every brand or influencer is different catering to a different audience. Therefore, the strategies to bring them up on the internet must be different. I am glad I am making the most of the time in this period. The influencers and brands I have been associated with are doing an extraordinary job by interacting with their audiences through live sessions. It is a good way to stay connected with them”, stated Belnekar. Lastly, he also suggested people to not crib about being isolated and use this time learning new skills on the internet.


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