Meet Nitish Nagar: Young Social Activist, Emerging as a Youth Icon in Delhi NCR

A young and Budding Social Activist from Faridabad has become emerging youth Icon among people and has won hearts of People after he strongly stands to fight the COVID-19 as he helps hundreds of needy and destitute in different villages of his vicinity during this Pandemic from last month. Going by the popularity he has gained in the last few years amongst the young generation, it is no surprise that he has been awarded the honour of ‘Youth icon”. Residents of Faridabad feel honour in telling that Nitish is a resident of this industrial town of Faridabad only. Nitish Nagar, born and brought up in a farmer family of Gujjar community, has transformed the traditional image of a Gujjar youth.

Nitish Nagar: Emerging as a Youth Icon

He has gained popularity among society due to his association with every section of society. Be it a millionaire industrialist, a fashion icon or a poor daily wage earner. He is there to help anybody, whatever the need be. His heart beats for the needy and poor. Association with a number of non-government organisations has made him find out the ways to reach the needy. He is there to promote education for girls, promoting self-defence training for girls from the rural sector, finding ways to promote activities for making poor sections of the society self-reliant. He says that whatever the conditions prevail, education and health care on top of all priorities.

Nitish has a lot of close friends in the entertainment as well as in the cricket industry. His close links with the B-town & music industry has always been well maintained. Nitish is a fitness freak and is known for his healthy eating habits and practising fitness schedules. He is also looking forward to launching his fitness programs in his own brand. Nitish has been an epitome of luxury while still being down to earth. He has held a major influencer on the young generation. In all fields of life, be it sports or fitness, fashion or luxury, Nitish has set benchmarks with his performance and also he has many followers on Instagram and Facebook page.

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