12 Best Irrfan Khan Dialogues

Legendary actor and cancer warrior Irrfan Khan, whose films are a masterclass in splendid seamless acting, died in Mumbai after battling a medical complication arising from colon infection. His lines, “I suppose, in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go. But what always hurts the most, is not taking a moment to say goodbye.” unfortunately fits perfectly today. A true gem and a phenomenal actor whose finest performances will be remembered, forever. His great acting and dialogues will be remembered forever. Here are 12 Best Irrfan Khan Dialogues.

Best Irrfan Khan Dialogues

Kismat Ki Ek Khaas Baat Hoti Hain…

Ki Woh Palat Ti Hain.

Chot Khaaya Hua Dost Dhushman Se Zyada Khatarnak Hota Hain.


Galtiyaan Bhi Rishton Ki Tarah Hoti Hain,

Karni Nahi Padti, Ho Jaati Hain.

Aadmi Jitna Bada Hota Hain,

Uske Chhupne Ki Jagahein Utni Hi Kum Hoti Hain.


Sirf Insaan Hi Galat Nahi Hote,

Waqt Bhi Galat Ho Sakta Hain.

Best Irrfan Khan Dialogues

Paisa Agar Bhagwan Nahi Hain,

Toh Bhagwan Se Kum Bhi Nahi Hain.


Aur Kya Dekhna Baaki Hain,

Aapse Dil Laga Ke Dekh Liye.


Yeh Shehar Hume Jitna Deta Hain,

Badle Mein Kahin Zyada Hum Se Le Leta Hain.


Cinema Is A Big Fat Lie, Told Truthfully.


I Think We Forget Things

If There Is Nobody To Tell Them.

The Key To A Happy Life Is To Accept

You Are Never Actually In Control.

Hunger Can Change Everything

You Thought You Knew About Yourself.

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