Let’s Celebrate Green Diwali

Festivals are here to fill us with Positivity, Love, Happiness, and Prosperity. We usually talk about the celebration of Green Diwali, but we are not celebrating that way. Let’s do something different this year.


Minimal Firecrackers

We can celebrate the Diwali without Firecrackers too, but if you really want to Burst firecrackers, then burst smartly. Use only those firecrackers that do not cause noise pollution and cause minimal air pollution. A fuljhadi, for example, causes very little air pollution and no noise pollution.



The little earthen lanterns called Diyas have become the symbol of Diwali and everything that goes with it. These little light are lovely, minimal, and cause almost no damage to the environment, making them an excellent option if you’re planning to go green this Diwali.

They light up your home with their flame and warm your hearts.

One more thing, instead of purchasing these diyas from supermarket please purchase it from needy people. Let’s make their Diwali happy too.



If you’re wondering how to celebrate a green Diwali and keep everyone entertained, why not plan a nice little family activity around making rangolis for the home? Involve everyone, from kids and grandparents to cousins, uncles, and aunts.


Live A Colorful Life.


Spread Smile

You can donate to a charity, volunteer for an NGO or even contribute online. You can even make an effort to help other people during your normal schedule. If someone on the road needs help, do make an effort to stop and help out. Maybe helping other will give us true happiness.

Robin Hood Army, a group of volunteers are fighting against hunger. Click here to know more about this army.


Animals – Our Friends

As part of your green Diwali, you can also do something for the stray animals in your area. Animals are the ones who suffer most from the firecrackers. Offer them some shelter and some food.


Use Recyclables Products

When shopping for a green Diwali, one should consciously buy products that are recyclable or eco-friendly.

A lot of waste is usually generated during Diwali. You can make an effort to ensure that this is disposed of in a much more eco-friendly way. Make an effort to segregate the waste into wet and dry, and try and recycle and reuse as much as you can.

For example, the diyas used during Diwali can be used again all through the year to provide a pleasant ambiance in your home.


Goodbye Plastic Bags

It is only that Small steps pooled together make a bigger larger difference. The chocolate boxes and gift hampers that sell the most during this season are wrapped in newspapers and are decorated with flowers made from them. Please don’t use a plastic bag for any purpose. You can carry a cloth bag with you.

We wish you a happy, clean, safe and green Diwali!

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