Latest Smartphones offer Desktop-Like Browsing Experience

There was a time when nothing was more powerful than desktop browsing. Mobile had only been the second alternative for people. As a matter of fact, people often debated as to which desktop browser is better: Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. Thanks to the latest innovations and technology, browsing on your smartphone is as good as browsing on your desktop.

Nowadays, smartphones are becoming more and more popular for daily uses such as online shopping, browsing news sites, playing games, to name a few. Mobile browsing is rather quick and useful when you don’t have a computer available to use and seems like the perfect solution when you are in an inconvenient location. Since the pandemic took control of our lives, and the death toll has reached all time highs, some specific niches have gained lots of popularity. Among those niches you can find casinos, online stores, Steam, and more. Since the casinos have reached a new level of popularity and interest, casino news became a source of understanding how to play those games work, what new promotions are out there, and a lot of cool things can are written in those casino news articles.

Not only casino news are on the rise though. You can find lots of attractive gaming promotions on steam, G2A and much more. All the niches we mentioned above are becoming a great source of income for websites that write about those topics – as we know since the COVID-19, there are a lot more new websites. 

With time, more and more people are switching to mobile browsing and for a reason. Let’s take a look at the reasons why people are using the latest smartphones to get desktop-like browsing experience.

  1. Stay Up to date with latest things

With mobile browsing, you can always stay up to date. The information might vary from visiting new websites to acquiring business information. You can also receive travel, sports, stock price, and weather updates directly on your smartphones. When you have up to date and latest information in hand, you can make the right decision.

  1. Improved User-Experience

Mobile sites have specifically been designed and optimized for smartphones and tablets. Nobody likes browsing the desktop site on their smartphone as it takes longer time to load and doesn’t fit the screen size too. So, with mobile-optimized sites, you can expect to enjoy an improved user experience. 

  1. Faster Download Speed

Mobile websites are specially designed for mobile users so that you can enjoy optimal and faster download speed as compared to desktop. You will not have to wait for long for any file to be downloaded. Also, it means you can browse more at a given time. 

Moreover, mobile websites are designed with complete efficacy in mind. Generally, accelerated mobile pages are 4 times faster than a desktop page because AMP helps mobile pages to load faster within 1 second. Whereas the average load time for a HTML desktop page is 4 seconds.

  1. Engagement and Content

When you are browsing on your mobile device, it allows you to engage with all mobile-specific features like map with directions or click-to-call. These days more local businesses are developing a mobile-optimized website so that visitors can find their location using the GPS location and reach their destination easily without calling the business for help.

  1. Portable

Most of the time people are on the go. So, from the productivity viewpoint, if you are commuting by public transport or by your own vehicle, it will help you to save a lot of time as you can complete simple tasks on the go. With mobile browsing, you can also do online shopping on amazon or other sites pretty easily. 

  1. Use Social Networks

Previously, you could only browse social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook on your desktop. However, now it is possible to browse these sites on your mobile device with their mobile-optimized sites. You can easily update the status or comment on someone’s photo. With a simple touch of a button, you can be connected to your social circle.

Mobile browsing will help you to handle money matters too. So, you can pay your utility bill, get new deals, and renew the internet subscription within a few minutes. Therefore, using the latest smartphones gives desktop-like browsing experience and makes it convenient for you to manage your daily online tasks.

Mobile is Taking Over the World

Mobile phones are taking over the world but in a positive way. Since the time it has entered our lives, it has made itself indispensable. It has kept people informed and has opened up new opportunities that would never have been possible prior to the rise of mobile technology.

In 2014, mobile usage surpassed desktop usage. According to a survey, 67% of smartphone users are going to buy from companies that have dedicated mobile sites. Now, mobile browsing has taken over desktop browsing. Mobile is more convenient to use, and a simple query can be answered in a few seconds through a mobile device.

The leaps that mobile browsing technology has taken have impressed the world to a great extent in the last few years. However, the leaps that desktop has made in the last few decades has hardly been impressive.

Mobile devices are used for digital media, in spite of having more powerful but larger alternatives desktops. In time to come when the gap in power and speed is reduced, it is possible that desktop browsers will become obsolete for normal users and will only be used by software engineers. 


Nowadays you don’t get to hear people debating about which desktop browser is really better. People talk more about mobile browsers. Mobile browsing is the future of the digital age. Without mobile, our life will be detached from the flow of information. From a mobile device, you can literally do anything. It shows how it is deeply rooted in our present life. 

Smartphones have definitely revolutionized society. It leads us towards a digital minded society. Smartphones have cemented their place in the lives of people.

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