Davinder Deol: A Women and Mom’s leading with positive and productive life

An empowered woman is the one who make her life and life of others. It is a thriving and fulfilling practice. Today, we are introducing a young entrepreneur who achieves her lifestyle goals of living healthy and wealthy life. Davinder Deol, is a wellness and lifestyle coach residing in Australia. Belongs to a middle class family from Sangrur, Punjab. To a business consultant/mentor in Herbalife is remarkable. She has worked as a nurse in India for one year. In 2009, she moved to Australia and studied community and welfare works in business and management. She was working as a nurse and manager in restaurant there. This ability to serve people increases her leadership qualities. A leader is someone who creates an inspiring vision of the future and also inspires others to engage with that vision. She is highly empathetic caring person having desire to help and to offer support and care to others. Her practice of helping others and unstoppable money making schedule makes her a successful Entrepreneur, who wish to make the world a happier and healthier place to live.


In 2016, during her second pregnancy she gained a lot of weight with hormonal issues and hyperthyroid. So she decided to join HERBALIFE in 2018 after struggling from this weight and medical issues and then she started using HERBALIFE products for weight loss and skincare. After the positive outcomes, she wanted to help her friends who are also facing weight management, nutritional and skin issues. She has joined in HERBALIFE as a distributor. In a very short span of time, she has achieved various upper levels of management. Currently, she is a member of world team. She is consistently performs at a level that is superior to most of her. She already developed an effective network of people from Australia, Canada, India and U.S who are working towards their goal of serving others a healthier lifestyle. We believe she will achieve her upcoming goals very soon.
If you are also facing weight management, nutritional problems and skin related issues. She is always available for your help!

How HERBALIFE changed her life?

Before Herbalife, Davinder Deol was working as a nurse in rotating shifts and assistant/educator in kindergarten lead a stressful life having no time for friends and family. But after joining HERBALIFE, she is working for two days in hospital as a part time job and rest of the days she is her own boss. Now she feels free to initiate activities with her near and dear ones. This is all possible due to her positive attitude and dedication.


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