Lalu Yadav came to check the brick kiln with sticks in the middle of the night, was surprised when the torch was lit

Lalu Yadav writes that I immediately told the police personnel to catch those 6 people and make them sit in the police jeep.

The political journey of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav has been very interesting. He did not just decide the journey from student leader to Bihar CM and Union minister. Lalu is counted among those few Khanty leaders who know the pulse of the people very well. When Lalu was the Chief Minister of Bihar, there was all kinds of upheaval in the state. Incidents like assault, especially against the lower castes, were common. Lalu was well aware of this.

Referring to an anecdote, Lalu Yadav writes in his autobiography ‘Gopalganj to Raisina’ that one night I reached a brick kiln on Behta Maner Road, located on the western end of Patna, along with police officers. Since I had worked on the land for a long time, I knew how the feudal elements exploited poor women under the guise of making bricks. I parked the vehicles on the side of the road at a short distance from the kiln and started walking towards the kiln. There were about 10 gun-wielding police personnel with me.

The woman was caught by 6 people: Lalu writes that as soon as I reached near the kiln, I saw that 6 people are holding a woman. Everyone was intoxicated. When I lit the torch, I saw a garland of flowers lying around the woman’s neck and the men trying to force her towards the hut. Suddenly seeing me, he was shocked and panicked. At that time I was wearing a round cap and had a stick in my hand.

Arrested immediately According to Lalu, I immediately told the police personnel to catch those 6 people and make them sit in the police jeep. After that I went to the woman who was very scared. Seated him in the jeep and brought him to his official residence. The woman belonged to a tribe and somehow made her living by working in the kiln. I immediately called the DM of Patna and ordered him to hire the woman in the collector’s office. After expressing some surprise, the DM gave him the job. Later I got a case registered against those six criminals.

Brick kiln owners had opened the front: Lalu Yadav writes that after this incident the brick kiln owners of Bihar opened a front against me. He said that the Chief Minister should not roam on the road to nab the criminals and should not behave like the head of the Khap Panchayat. I used to hear such absurd arguments every day, but this only boosted my spirits. Every night I used to go out to the countryside areas of central Bihar.


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