Krishna Abhishek broke his silence on friendship with Kapil Sharma, said- we are rivals ….

New Delhi: Popular actor and comedian Krushna Abhishek is seen playing different characters in The Kapil Sharma Show these days. The comedy show has been a success and fans have appreciated her friendship with host Kapil Sharma. But at first they were called rivals and several reports suggested that all is not well between the two. In an interview with The Indian Express, Krushna Abhishek rubbished all those reports and said that Kapil is a good friend to him. ( kapil krishna relation )

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we were shown as rivals

We were shown as rivals but that didn’t affect our friendship. I remember when my father died he was the first to call me. We have always stood by each other and respected each other. The thin line of friendship was always strong. And I think that’s why we’re still strong together. It’s been almost four years since we’ve been on the show and it’s still going strong. Kapil Sharma and Krushna Abhishek were seen together in shows other than Comedy Circus.

There was never any personal problem between us ( kapil krishna relation )

Krishna, however, acknowledged a healthy professional competition. We never had any personal problems. I think Kapil is the most talented person. He came from Punjab with no prior connections in the industry and made his mark. Just look at the body of work he has created for himself. He has proved himself time and again and we need to salute his spirit. I think he is the fastest man in India and I really respect him. He said when I went with him and saw him live, I was blown away. He is just awesome. ( kapil krishna relation )

Rushabh Kothari

Senior Journalist at Youthistaan.

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