Know why Ireland’s Data Protection Commission fined Instagram $ 402 million

Instagram found guilty of violating the European Union data policy on children’s data

Today, Instagram, which is very popular among youth, has been fined $ 402 million. Instagram has been found guilty of violating the European Union’s data policy on children’s data, after Ireland’s Data Protection Commission said in an email last week that Instagram would be fined $402 million. . Ireland’s data privacy regulator has fined social networking platform Instagram Rs 32.7 billion for data policy violations.

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission said in an email on Monday that it made the final decision last week to fine the company $402 million. After the fines were imposed, Instagram’s parent company Meta said it had fully cooperated with the investigation into the matter. Meanwhile, Meta has said that it does not accept such a huge fine and will appeal against it. An Irish watchdog investigation found that Instagram publicly leaked personal data of 13- to 17-year-olds, including their phone numbers and email addresses.

A Meta official told the news agency, “The investigation focused on older settings that we updated a year ago, and since then we’ve introduced a number of new features to keep teen information secure and private.

Amazon also fined heavily

Let us tell you that last year Amazon was fined heavily. In one such case, the Luxembourg regulator fined Amazon 746 million euros.

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