Kejriwal challenges BJP

new Delhi. Aam Aadmi Party supremo and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has challenged the BJP to hold elections to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. They have said that if they have guts in BJP, then they should conduct corporation elections. He also targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that if you have a chest of 56 inches, then conduct municipal elections in Delhi. Earlier, he had said that if elections are held on time and BJP wins, he will quit politics.

However, on Thursday, Kejriwal challenged the BJP in the assembly. He alleged that the Prime Minister’s Office got the Election Commission postponed the elections to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. He said- The Election Commission was about to announce the date of the Municipal Corporation election when a call came from the Prime Minister’s Office, the date of the election was postponed. They do not want to allow elections to be held out of fear of defeat. Attacking the BJP, he said- In such a situation, these people would like tomorrow that there is no election in Gujarat, then elections should not be held in the country, I would like to say that whether we live tomorrow or not, BJP wins or Aam Aadmi Party, but the country And there will be democracy.

Targeting the BJP, Chief Minister Kejriwal said – they say that it is the largest party in the world. We are the biggest small party, yet we are scared, so cowardly? Show by winning the election. Kejriwal also raised the issue of a film on the displacement of Kashmiri Pandits and said that if the Prime Minister could not do anything in eight years, he went to the shelter of a filmmaker. He also said that the film maker earned crores and put the BJP people in the work of putting up the posters.

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