Russia is running the phosphorus bomb!

new Delhi. Ukrainian President Voldimir Zelensky interacts with NATO members after addressing the parliaments of the US, Japan and several countries in Europe. While addressing the representatives of NATO through video conferencing, Zelensky made a big charge on Russia. He said that Russia has used phosphorus bombs against the people of Ukraine. This bomb spreads a powder, which burns when it comes in contact with oxygen. Due to this people’s body gets burnt.

A month has passed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine and so far Russia has not been able to capture any major city, while it is suffering great losses. Perhaps that is why he is now targeting civilians. Nonetheless, Zelensky on Thursday appealed for military aid from NATO and made serious allegations against Russia. He told NATO representatives – Ukraine needs uninterrupted military assistance to save our people and cities. In the same way that Russia is using its weapons against Ukraine without any interruption.

President Zelensky thanked NATO for providing the defensive military equipment, but demanded the weapons needed for the attack. He said- You just give us one percent of your planes. Give one percent of your tanks. Only one per cent. Zelensky also accused Russia of using the phosphorus bomb. He said on Thursday – this morning however, phosphorus bombs were used. Use of Russian phosphorus bombs. Once again the adults were killed. Once again the children were killed.

President Zelensky addressed the countries of the world in English for the first time since the start of the war. He said – the coalition can once again save the lives of Ukrainians from Russian attack, by giving us all the weapons we need. In his video message, he appealed to the people of the world to show solidarity with Ukraine. He said – we all have to stop Russia. The world must stop this war. Freedom matters. Zelensky said – get out of your homes and offices, support Ukraine.

Meanwhile, there is news that Ukraine has destroyed a Russian ship ‘Orsk’ on the 29th day of the war. The ship was delivering weapons to Russian soldiers present in Mariupol. Keep in mind that Russia has caused the most destruction in Mariupol itself. Russia, on the other hand, claims that its troops have captured the Ukrainian city of Izyum.

Parth Velani

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