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Kangana Ranaut suddenly got angry on Pathan, yesterday she had praised, said- ‘If you play the game, we will be ashamed’

Bollywood’s Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathan is performing very well at the box office. Meanwhile, actress Kangana Ranaut again expressed anger on Pathan on Twitter. Whereas 1 day ago, he had praised Shah Rukh Khan’s film. Kangana Ranaut got angry on a tweet by stand up comedian Atul Khatri, in which Atul Khatri while talking about Pathan wrote that I do not think that the film is very good in terms of direction. Looking at the response and collection of the film, it is a big slap on the face of those people who are after Bollywood without any reason. This is a peaceful revolution against the right wing of the people.


Expressing anger on this tweet of Atul Khatri, Kangana Ranaut got angry about this and wrote that if Pathan’s success is being openly and shamelessly linked to the success of left wing politics, which is a party (Congress) ), then why does the film industry talk of unfairly targeting those opposing the ideology of the right wing. He wrote in the tweet that first decide whether films or art are political or not.

Kangana did another tweet

In the next tweet, Kangana wrote that if films are political, then the fight of the opposition is not justified. It cannot happen that when you win, you call the films political and stick them on our faces. When we win, cry foul about dishonesty and shame us by calling us right-wing fanatics who disrespect art for a political agenda. He wrote in his tweet that don’t do logic’s mother and sister, improve.

Giving a warning, Kangana Ranaut wrote that if the film industry cannot show the courage to end political propaganda, then they should use their films to condemn such propaganda. In the tweet, he further wrote that Tum Khelo to game hai, Hum khelen to shame hai. This will not work. He wrote that don’t cry later, we are artists, from now on be in your place.

Kangana asked to change the name of Shahrukh’s film Pathan to Indian Pathan. Along with this, Kangana wrote that the film shows our enemy country Pakistan and ISI in a good light and is running brilliantly. It is the spirit of India, which makes it great from all India and decisions.

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