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Rupali Ganguly shares new pictures, actress bought Mercedez Benz Car

Anupamaa Rupali Ganguly New Luxury Car: Rupali Ganguly, who won the hearts of people with Anupama serial, is very active on social media. Recently, she shared new pictures, which are going viral with lots of noise. In these photos, Rupali is worshiping the new car with her family. Looking at the photo, it is being speculated that Rupali has bought a new luxury Mercedes Benz car.

bought new car


This new photo of her has become increasingly viral on social media, in which she is wearing a white saree wearing a yellow saree. She is seen worshiping the luxury Mercedes Benz car. Not only this, there are also balloons around. After looking carefully at the viral photo, it was found that to surprise the actress, her pictures have also been put up in the showroom.

Rupali Ganguly is in style

Seeing this in the viral photos, it came to know that she is very attached to her family, the way her family Entertainment, Television, Anupamaa, Rupali Ganguly, Mercedez Benz Car, Ashwin Verma He sacrifices his life for. Similarly, she cares a lot for her family in real life as well. That’s why Rupali was also seen taking the blessings of the elders of the house to buy a new car.

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