Kabul Bomb Blast: Blast in Kabul’s mosque during Namaz, many ….

New Delhi | Kabul Bomb Blast: With the coming of Taliban rule in Afghanistan, the series of bomb blasts has started again. On Friday, the capital Kabul once again echoed with explosions. A massive explosion rocked a mosque in the city’s western district of Kohat-e-Sangi today during prayers.

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According to the news going on in the media, the news of many innocent people being killed and injured in this bomb blast is coming to the fore. However, it is not yet known that how many people have been killed in this bomb blast. The blast took place when a large number of people were present in the mosque.

21 were killed in a suicide attack on December 12
Kabul Bomb Blast: Significantly, earlier on December 12, a suicide bomber had attacked a hotel in the capital Kabul. In which 21 people had died.

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The atmosphere changed as soon as the American army left Afghanistan
Kabul Bomb Blast: Would like to tell you that last year in August 2021, as soon as the US Army returned home from Afghanistan, terrorism again got a boost there and a series of blasts continued. It has increased even more in the last few months. Incidents like firing and explosions are becoming common in many areas of Afghanistan.

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