Paris Firing: Firing in French capital Paris, three people killed, three others injured

Paris. Three people were killed and three others injured in a shooting that targeted a Kurdish cultural center in the French capital Paris on Friday. Officials gave this information. He said the 69-year-old suspect who was wounded in the gunfire has been arrested. The reason for the firing is not yet clear. The Paris prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into the case and the identity of the suspect is being confirmed.

The police have cordoned off the ‘Tenth Arrondissement’. The area is located near the Gare de l’Est train station, which is often crowded. There are many shops here. The shooting happened at a time when preparations are being made for Christmas in Paris. The Paris Police Department has asked people to stay away from the scene while emergency workers are on the scene.

Paris prosecutor Laure Becuau said three people wounded in the shooting died. One of the injured is in serious condition while two others have less serious injuries, and are hospitalized. The shooting occurred near a Kurdish cultural center and a restaurant and salon, according to Tenth Arrondissement mayor Alexandra Cordebard. Cordebard said the attacker was also injured and was hospitalized. The prosecutor’s office said two of the four injured were in serious condition. Counter-terrorism prosecutors have been contacted, but there is currently no indication that this was a terrorist attack.

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