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Interview of Dhruvi Shah: A Dancer, Choreographer and YouTuber

Today we are going to meet Dhruvi Shah, who started dance at the age of 4! Now, she is one of the most loved dancers out there with over 1,00,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her journey is inspiring, so, let’s begin with her introduction.

Interview of Dhruvi Shah

Hello Dhruvi! Please give us a brief introduction about yourself.

I’m a professional dancer and choreographer from Mumbai with big dreams! I started dancing at the age of four and trained in various dance forms such as Bharatanatyam, Contemporary, Jazz any many more! After completing my Arangetram, I went on to take professional training from Shiamak Davar. I later joined his company as an instructor getting opportunities to perform in Bollywood Shows and Award Functions.

I also freelanced for a while and worked in music videos and films to gain experience and did some intensive training at the Broadway Dance Centre(New York). All of it made me realise how much I loved having my passion as my profession, so I took it up full time and started my own Dance classes and Wedding Choreography business. Wanting to make the world my stage, I launched a YouTube channel known as ‘Dhruvi Shah Dance‘ which now has over 1,00,000 subscribers and millions of views! My biggest goal in life is to spread happiness through dancing to as many as I can!

So, Dhruvi! When did you start dancing? When did you realise that you’re passionate about it?

I learnt to dance even before I learnt to walk! We have videos of 3-year-old Dhruvi improvising to random old Bollywood songs. Basically, me and my family always knew I’d grow up to become a dancer! Formally my training began at 4 years of age though! In school, while my classmates were going to several tuitions for studies, I’d be going to 3-4 different dance classes and still never be bored with it, so my love for it was quite obvious.

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Which form of dance, do you like the most? And why?

Frankly, I enjoy all the dance forms; however, Indian and Contemporary are ones that I definitely connect to the most! When I perform them, it’s like I’m transported to another world altogether. Yes, of course, Bollywood, Jazz etc. is fun too, but Indo-Contemporary has a special place in my heart, maybe because it was my first love.

You’re also the founder of DSD Choreography, right! So tell us something about it.

‘DSD choreography’ stands for ‘Dhruvi Shah Dance Choreography’ Besides conducting dance classes/workshops, I also Choreograph Weddings and events! Through Sangeets, I get to expand my base and interact with many families! We choose peppy songs and easy steps so that everyone from kids to the grandparents can enjoy the process. Some of them have never danced before in their lives, but on the performance day, it’s such a pleasure to watch them give their best. Especially destination weddings, they’re a complete blast, it never feels like I’m working!

I watched your ‘Dance Fitness Video.’ Tell us, how does the dance help to improve our health and fitness. Specially, all are staying at home now.

‘Dance Fitness’ is a segment on my YouTube Channel that has really gone viral during this period of lockdown. Dancing is a great form of cardio and releases happy hormones! Physical activity also boosts immunity, so I think it’s a great option to keep fit and enjoy at the same time. My dance workouts are conceptualized, keeping in mind that the entire family is going to do it together, so I make it easy yet effective. It shocks me how these videos of mine have helped so many people and managed to spread so much joy making me realise my true purpose!

You recently completed 100k subscribers on your YouTube channel. Congratulations on that. How’s your YouTube journey so far?

Thank you so much! Hitting the 100k mark was always my dream! The journey has been a memorable one, there were many ups and downs, in fact, there were times when I felt like giving up, but I didn’t! Overall it’s made me grow so much as a dancer and as a person, so honestly, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! I’m so grateful for all the love. Can’t wait for my silver button to arrive!

You also arrange and be a part of the workshops, right! Tell us something about it.

I love teaching; it gives me immense happiness! By conducting classes/workshops, I can spread the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years. When you see your students growing and improving, it’s so fulfilling. I have people of different age groups such as kids, teens and even working professionals coming to learn and it’s total a stress buster for them! I also make online tutorials on YouTube so not just people living in Mumbai but anyone from any part of the world can attempt my choreographers!

Any special moment in your dancing career, you would like to share with us?

Every moment that I’ve spent on any stage has always been special. Performing for live audiences gives me a next-level high! Be it the YouTube Fanfest stage or the Filmfare awards set; when thousands of people are cheering in the audience, it’s so overwhelming! Still get goosebumps when I recollect those experiences!

Would you like to share a piece of advice to the young dancer out there?

To all the young dancers I’d just say never stop believing in yourself, It might seem tough in the start, but some years down the line you’ll thank yourself for all the hustle you did!

Well, that’s all in this Interview of Dhruvi Shah. It was an inspiring one. You should follow her on Instagram and YouTube to watch some amazing dance performances.

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