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Mallika Motiramani: A Little Vlogger With Not So Little Subscribers On Mallika Vlogs

Vlogging is one of the fastest growing fields in India. A number of Vloggers are making very good content on YouTube.  Mallika Motiramani is a 12th-grade student and her YouTube channel Mallika Vlogs has around 130k+ subscribers. She is one of the most popular Vloggers in India with Two Silver Play buttons. It’s not only about the numbers but she always tries to make interesting and quality content. At the age of just 16 years, Mallika is an ideal personality for many youngsters out there. We asked a few questions to her about her journey and here is the Q&A with Mallika. We hope you guys will love it.

1. When did you start Vlogging and why?

– I started making dedicated vlogs in 2017 because I wanted to pursue my passion for filmmaking and storytelling.


2. From where did you get the inspiration to be a YouTuber?

– I started watching British YouTubers back in 2010. Watching them made me wonder why I wasn’t doing what they were, and that’s how I started.


3. How do you manage your study and Vlogging together? You’re getting very good marks.

– Firstly, thank you. The key is time management and prioritising your tasks. Easy.

4. Would you like to be a full-time YouTuber after completing your studies?

– Honestly no. I’d like to be a director or producer and still continue making videos on YouTube. I love the platform but I wouldn’t want YouTube to be my job.


5. Which advice would you like to give to the youngsters, who want to become a YouTuber or want to do something like this besides their study?

– Make a balance between your hobbies and studies. Keep your parents happy, get good marks, study hard & don’t forget to keep yourself happy too.


6. What’s your future plan for your channel?

– Nothing in specific but general aim is to grow more, reach more people & create a positive change.


7. How do you see Vlogging evolving?

– So many people are getting into Vlogging! it’s a great way to express yourself and your ideas.


8. Where do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

– Definitely in the filmmaking industry and vlogging. Hopefully working on a movie by then xD


9.  Do you feel like there is pressure to keep getting more subscribers and more views on your videos?

– YES! That’s something I struggle a lot with, I’m always worried about numbers, but I shouldn’t be. I should be patient and focus on putting out good content and eventually, the numbers will rise.

10. What is the most exciting thing that happened to you since starting YouTube?

– The love and positivity I get from my viewers every single day, it’s crazy!!!


11. If you want to share something with your fans.

– Just want to thank everybody for their support, means a lot.


That’s all in this little interview with Mallika Motiramani. If you haven’t subscribed Mallika Vlogs yet, SUBSCRIBE now.  Also, don’t forget to follow @yesmallika on Instagram.

Okay, Bye. 😀

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