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Hunger vs Headline

The view of the Government of India has been that the mirrors have become damaged. They have a bad picture of India, So the fault lies with the mirrors – the real face of India has actually gone on shining.

India has reacted strongly to the latest Global Hunger Index. He has not only questioned the way it was prepared, but also called it part of the efforts to defame India. The Government of India has said that through such reports, an attempt is being made to create an impression in the world that India has failed to provide nutritious food to its entire population. It is true that this index makes such an assumption. Or if India’s condition has been shown on this index in recent years, it can also be said that this assumption has become stronger. In fact, not only the Hunger Index, but all the released indices of development reflect the same picture. The view of the Government of India broadly regarding all of them has been that such mirrors have become bad. If the picture of India looks bad in them, then the fault lies with the mirrors – the real face of India has actually been brightened. This is the headline that has been promoted by the current ruling group in its domestic supporters.

The ruling party knows that its real political capital is the headlines that portray the Indian face of its supporters in a make-up that makes them believe that India is on its way to becoming a ‘world guru’. Therefore, the strong reaction of the Government of India is neither unexpected nor unusual. However, the question is worth considering that after all, what enmity has all the institutions of the world become with India now that they will become part of some common attempt to defame India? However, as far as hunger is concerned – which is considered to be a sign of malnutrition – it was evident from the first report of the 5th Family Health Survey of the Government of India in November 2020 that for the first time since independence, the number of children suffering from malnutrition in the country. The number has increased. That is why the government should think that it is possible that the mirror is not spoiled – but the country itself is deteriorating.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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