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GHKKPM: Sai and Virat’s distance starts to fade

Gum hai kisikey pyaar mein: These days Star Plus most popular show ‘Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein’ is running high voltage drama. While Kaku is busy uniting Sai and Virat, Pakhi is seen fuming seeing all this. The distance between Sai and Virat seems to be reducing gradually and both are going to be united again. Kaku wants to bring Virat’s happiness back, so he has told Savi the truth about his father. Here Pakhi gets jealous seeing all this and threatens Virat to leave the house. Seeing all this, Kaku also scolds Pakhi a lot.

Kaku will warn Pakhi


In the latest episode of this TV serial, it can be seen that seeing Sai and Virat’s growing closeness, Pakhi threatens to leave the house with Vinayak. Virat tries hard to pacify but Pakhi starts shouting at him. At the same time, Bhavani Kaku comes and tells the video not to go anywhere from the house. But Pakhi does not listen to them after which Bhavani Kaku is seen warning Pakhi. She makes it clear to Bhavani that if you want to go, you can leave the house but Vinayak will not go anywhere.

Sai and Virat’s distance started to disappear

In the latest episode, it will be seen that a heated argument will be seen between Virat and Sahi. Virat will help Sai and Savi in ​​cleaning the outhouse. Sai gets scared seeing the lizard and starts falling after which Virat catches her. There will be a very strong fight between the two and all three of them, Savi, Virat and Sai will be seen happy.

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