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Driver misbehaved with Urfi Javed in Delhi

Urfi Javed on Women Safety: TV industry’s famous actress Urfi Javed always remains in the discussion about her strange and poor fashion sense. Once again Jaaved has come into limelight, in fact this time Urfi Javed is in news not because of her strange fashion sense but because of a revelation. There has been an incident in Delhi with Urfi Javed, which she has mentioned on social media and has also expressed concern about women’s safety. A driver has done such an act with Urfi Javed in Delhi, after which the actress is very angry.

The driver did such an act with the actress


TV industry’s famous actress Urfi Javed had just gone to Delhi for work, from where she shared a video and said, “Today I had a very bad experience with Uber, I had booked Uber. i had him for 6 hours Had booked for and also had to stay at one place for a while. That’s why that person disappeared from there after taking my luggage. I called him many times but his location is showing one hour away. He had disappeared and was not even coming back with the luggage, I was getting late. Because the flight was missing. After that I called a mail friend and he talked.

The actress said this about the safety of women

Urfi Javed further told that when the male friend called, he got scared. He was only scared of the man’s voice, he was not even scared of the girl’s voice. Then after an hour and a half he brought my luggage but he was very drunk and could not even speak properly. Uber is not safe for girls.”

Sharing this video, the actress wrote in the caption, “Uber please do something for the safety of our girls. Today was the worst experience. The driver had disappeared with my luggage and then got it done even after 2 hours.

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