Free Wi-Fi can be costly, hackers can blow your personal data

Tips for Using Free Wi-Fi : Internet has become the most important thing for smartphones. Without this you cannot use any app. Often more people live in the jugaad of free Wi-Fi to save their data. Now free Wi-Fi facility is available in many places in public places. In such a situation, people connect the net from there and start operating the phone. This is fine in terms of saving data, but it can put your privacy and phone security at risk. After all, what kind of danger comes from this type of Wi-Fi and how can you avoid it. Let’s talk about this in detail.

Phone is at risk of being hacked

Connecting your phone or laptop to Wi-Fi in a public place puts your device at risk of getting hacked. Hackers can take it under their control by hacking and can steal your personal information, banking related information and your important data.

Hackers make mistakes like this

It has been seen that many times fraudsters leave Wi-Fi password free. This allows other people to easily connect with him. After this, when you connect your device to that Wi-Fi, then the MAC address and IP address of your phone goes to the hackers. After this your data starts being transferred in the form of packets. Hackers intercept these packets and check your browsing history. Apart from this, they also easily intercept visible traffic by resorting to network sniffing. After this your data can easily go to them.

Keeping these things in mind, you can keep yourself safe

  • Avoid connecting to any Wi-Fi that does not have a password.
  • Even if you are using public Wi-Fi, then keep in mind that never do banking activities during this time. In case of hacking with this, hackers can have access to your bank and they can break into your account.
  • Turn off all phone sharing when using public Wi-Fi.
  • Before connecting to free Wi-Fi, make sure to check its reliability. What name is it under, whether anyone else is using it or not.
  • If you are using public Wi-Fi, then never enter your original password while logging in with your email ID. Always enter a unique password for Wi-Fi login.
  • Do not save any type of password on the phone while using public Wi-Fi.

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