Film producer Nadiadwala’s children ‘hostage’ in Pakistan for two years, Bombay High Court gave this order to the Center

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Film producer Mushtaq Nadiadwala


  • Do not let filmmakers wander from door to door – Bombay High Court
  • The court told the Center – find out where their children are
  • “Illegally held hostage in Pakistan from 2020”

The Bombay High Court on Monday asked the Center to take steps to find out where the children of filmmaker Mushtaq Nadiadwala are. At the same time, the court said that the manufacturer should not be forced to wander from door to door in this matter. Nadiadwala has claimed that his two children – a nine-year-old son and a six-year-old daughter – have been illegally held hostage in Pakistan by his Pakistani wife and their family since 2020. A division bench of Justice Revati Mohite Dere and Justice PK Chavan was hearing a petition filed by Nadiadwala, seeking a direction to the government to facilitate the safe return of his two minor children.

The High Court had directed the Ministry of External Affairs last month

Nadiadwala also requested that the return of his wife should also be ensured if his family has kept him there by putting undue influence on his wife. The High Court had last month directed the Union Ministry of External Affairs to respond to the plea and also directed an official of the Main Passport and Visa (CPV) Office of the Ministry of External Affairs to meet Nadiadwala. Nadiadwala’s counsel Benny Chatterjee told the bench on Monday that an email was sent to the Joint Secretary of the CPV, who replied that the matter falls under the purview of the Department of Overseas Indian Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs. “The petitioner had sent a mail to this department in September, but no reply has been received so far,” Chatterjee said.

The bench said just pick up the phone and…
Advocate Ashish Chavan, appearing for the Ministry of External Affairs, sought more time to receive the directions. The bench then said that the Ministry of External Affairs should not treat the matter as “adversarial” and “cooperate” and ensure that the issue is resolved. The court said, “Why did the concerned officer not reply to the petitioner? Do not force them (petitioners) to wander from door to door within the Ministry of External Affairs.” Huh.

Nadiadwala’s wife moved to Pakistan with both children
Justice Dere said, “At least trace some contact numbers or emails so that there can be communication between the petitioner (Nadiadwala) and his children.” directed to respond and take appropriate steps. Nadiadwala, in his petition, alleged that his children were illegally held hostage in Pakistan by his wife Maryam Choudhary and her family. He claimed that his wife had refused to return to India and refused to give any valid reason for their separation.

According to the petition, Nadiadwala married Maryam Choudhury in Pakistan in April 2012 after which she came to India and applied for Indian citizenship. The couple has two children. In November 2020, Chaudhary left India and went to Pakistan with both the children. In February 2021, he filed a protection petition in Lahore, requesting to determine the legal guardian of both the children, which was accepted by the court there.

Nadiadwala claimed in his petition that either Chaudhary was misled or he was forced to stay in Pakistan. “The illegal confinement of children in Pakistan is not only a gross violation of the immigration laws of both the countries, but is primarily against the interests of the children and against their upbringing,” the petition said. Nadiadwala also said that his wife’s family members are influential people in Pakistan.

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