Shweta Tiwari advises her daughter Palak Tiwari that it is not necessary to get married and do what makes her happy.

According to ETimes, Shweta Tiwari said that “I don’t believe in the institution of marriage. In fact, I even tell my daughter not to marry. It’s her life and I don’t instruct her to lead it.” How to do, but I want him to think carefully before taking the plunge. Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t need to turn into a marriage.” Next, she also opens up about being a single parent. “A self-confident woman often makes the mistake of being aggressive and cocky… A lot of people criticize me for having two failed marriages. There are many who are three. Or divorced four times, but no one talks about them because they are not in the headlines. People accuse celebrities more. The only support I have so far is that I never stopped I am working And I am financially independent… I thank God that I am a working woman.”


Sahil Kothari

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