Fashion Influencer Rehan Tagale shares the art of monetising styling skills

Only great minds can afford a simple style and look their best in whatever they wear. The surge in fashion influencers on Instagram is known to all and sundry. With cool gadgets and nice picture quality phones, the youth are adapting to this growing trend but the competition is fierce as usual, and carving a fanbase and a signature style is a Himalayan task. Climbing the charts with his sleek and drooling dressing style is the young lad from Gujarat. Rehan Tagale has grown immensely on social media with his fashion quotient and the followers can’t keep calm about his sharp looks.

“Art and creativity is the field which I always wanted to explore. There’s so much to learn and every day is a new experience. Sitting in front of the laptop and merely doing a desk job made my life monotonous. That was the time I thought of becoming an influencer. By God’s grace, things worked out and I got into the fashion industry as a blogger. It is really a surreal feeling to work for yourself rather than for somebody”, said Rehan while remembering his good old job days.

Rehan was a corporate guy before stepping into the world of fashion, but seldom he knew that his style will woo everyone and he will emerge as an Instagram influencer-cum-celebrity. A load of young guys is now following in his footsteps and idealizing him as a fashion icon and model. Rehan in a short span of time has earned collaboration with top brands in the industry. Likes of Daniel Wellington and fashion brand Shein cheerfully collaborated with the influencer and the soaring popularity earned rewards for both the brands and Rehan.

Rehan has capitalized on his image on social media and he has forayed into monetizing his skills by collaborating with brands thus marketing himself as a successful entrepreneur-cum-influencer. His marketing strategies are on point and yielding desired fruits for him.

Rehan surely knows how to impress and express himself as a celebrity, with over 100k loyal followers imitating his varied looks, style, and dressing efforts it has carved a separate niche for Rehan. His strong personality and fierce attitude have aided him in scaling heights in this field of incessant competition. He strives to dress best to the occasion and is all yours if you seek advice for the same.

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