Ex-bishop’s bail plea rejected in forgery case

Jabalpur. The special court in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh (MP) has rejected the bail plea of ​​PC Singh, who misappropriated the amount of educational institutions and forged the property of the mission. The former bishops will remain in the remand of the Bureau of Economic Investigation (EOW) till Friday.

During the raid in the office and house of Ex Bishop Singh, gold worth 80 lakhs, Rs 1 crore 65 lakh cash, 48 bank accounts, 18352 US dollars, 118 pounds, 9 luxury vehicles, 17 properties documents were found. Were. In the inquiry of EOW, information about 174 bank accounts including 10 FDs was found. Apart from this, he had bought the prized land located in the mission compound for half the price in his own name. As a bishop, he sold the land and bought it himself as a buyer.

There are 99 cases registered against former Bishop PC Singh alias Premchand Singh in different states across the country. Out of these, maximum 42 cases have been registered in Uttar Pradesh (UP). Apart from this, 24 cases have been registered in Rajasthan, 11 in Maharashtra, 6 in Punjab, 4 in MP, 3 in Chhattisgarh, 3 in Delhi and 3 in Jharkhand. EOW Bishop was arrested from Nagpur Airport and presented in the court on 13 September.

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