everything has become delhi centric

The kind of media coverage that Delhi Municipal Corporation elections got is unmatched. It was covered in all the news channels as if it was a national election. The victory of the Aam Aadmi Party in the municipal elections was publicized as if it had won the country. When the BJP won in Gujarat, its celebration was also celebrated in Delhi and when the Congress won in Himachal Pradesh, whatever little celebration happened in Delhi itself. Jairam Ramesh, the head of the communication department of the Congress held a press conference in Delhi itself. It is a matter of pride that parties go to states to contest elections. At some point of time it may also happen that the elections of the whole country will be fought in Delhi.

Delhi’s media played so much drum of Delhi Municipal Corporation elections, it would not even notice that Municipal Corporation elections have not been held in many metropolitan cities of the country. Elections have been postponed for months or years. Mumbai is the financial capital of the country but the election there has been postponed waiting for a politically favorable time. Municipal elections have not been held in a metropolis like Bangalore for two years. There was to be an election in 2020. There has been so much hue and cry about the elections in Himachal Pradesh, but in the capital Shimla, the Municipal Corporation elections are pending for a long time. There is no discussion about all this in the country’s media. It is also an interesting fact that Mumbai does not have a Municipal Corporation and the remaining three metropolitan cities – Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai Municipal Corporations do not have BJP. She is not already in Kolkata, Chennai and is now out of Delhi as well.

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