Emotional Video | Going to the grave of the parents, the child remembered them, people’s eyes became moist after watching the video. Navabharat

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Everyone is aware of the role that parents play in the lives of their children. Without them the life of children is incomplete. He is the first teacher, first role model, first friend and everything else for his children. In such a situation, if a child does not have parents, then only that child knows how full of difficulties his life is. These days a video is going viral on social media, seeing which everyone’s eyes are getting moist.

In this video that surfaced on social media, a child is seen, who has become orphaned at a very young age. He is seen visiting his parents’ grave and remembering them. During this, users are not able to stop their emotions seeing what he does. This video is trending a lot right now. Everyone’s heart has also cried seeing so much love for the child for the parents.

The video going viral has been shared on the social media site Instagram with an account named Azad Hashmi. In the video, a small child is seen near the grave of his parents inside the cemetery, he is seen pressing the grave with his hands. Which can be guessed by seeing that, he is pressing their feet with a sense of service. Users have also become emotional after seeing this innocence of the child.

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This video has attracted the attention of many people on social media. This video is getting a lot of love in the internet world. People are liking this video very much, as well as it is also being shared fiercely. Seeing this video, people are also making many lovely comments.

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