Apart from Dubai, the cheapest gold is available here, buy fiercely on Dhanteras

Photo:India TV Apart from Dubai, the cheapest gold is available here, buy fiercely on Dhanteras


  • cheap gold available in dubai
  • Also famous for Switzerland Gold
  • Hong Kong famous for gold shopping

Dhanteras Cheapest Gold: Today is Dhanteras. The buying of gold takes place on this occasion. It is said that in the history of thousands of years of human civilization, the thing that man has loved immensely is gold! This craze for gold has made gold one of the most precious metals in the world. This is the reason why gold is also called the companion of difficult days. After oil, the most money in the world is invested in gold.

The craze for gold is not only in India, but also in many countries of the world. We all must have seen pictures of Dubai in newspapers, magazines or on TV, in which shops are full of jewellery. In such a situation, the question must be arising in your mind that is it so cheap to sleep there? Yes, gold prices in many countries of the world are up to 15 percent less than India. Let us know about these countries.

cheap gold available in dubai

In the case of cheap gold, hardly any other country can compete with Dubai. A major center of tourism in the world, Dubai is also a major hub of Gold. The government here does not impose any tax on gold, this is also a major reason for getting cheap gold here. The Diera here is such a place, where the Gold Souk area is considered the hub of gold shopping.

Also famous for Switzerland Gold

You must have thought of Swiss bank after hearing the name of Switzerland, but Switzerland is also famous for gold all over the world. Swiss Watches is well known for its designer golden watches. There is good business of gold in this country. People can get good and better gold in Zurich city of Switzerland. You get a lot of variety with handmade designer jewelry here.

Hong Kong famous for gold shopping

Tax concessions are also plentiful in Hong Kong, once a British colony. In such a situation, this autonomous region of China is also famous for gold shopping all over the world. In Hong Kong, you get gold at a very low price. It is known that it is one of the most active gold trading market in the world.

thailand cheap gold center

Known for its beautiful beaches and tourist centers, Thailand is also a center of cheap gold like Dubai. You can buy good quality gold at low price in Bangkok, Thailand. Yaworat Road is one of the most preferred places to buy gold in Thailand’s China Town. Here you get gold in very less margin and also good variety.

How much gold can you bring to India?

The question arises that you can buy cheap gold from Thailand to Dubai. But whether gold bought abroad can be brought to India, how much tax will have to be paid on it, you should also consider this. The bringing of gold coins, ornaments etc. into the country is strictly controlled by the central government. The Guide for Travelers has been issued by the Central Indirect Taxes and Customs under the Ministry of Finance. In this you have been told how much gold you can bring from abroad.

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