Dhanteras: Good news brought about Dhanteras being celebrated for two days, bat-bats from traders to customers

Photo:India TV Good news about Dhanteras being celebrated for two days


  • Last year the price of gold was Rs 47,644
  • The crowd started gathering from the beginning of the day
  • Such a time came after two years

Dhanteras: This time Dhanteras is being celebrated for two days. Dhanteras before Diwali is considered an auspicious day to buy gold and silver. Big jewelery traders and industry body have predicted that demand will increase further on Sunday and sales on Dhanteras may be 20 per cent higher than last year.

Last year the price of gold was Rs 47,644

Despite the high gold prices, consumers have made purchases on the day of Dhanteras. On Saturday, the price of gold in Delhi stood at Rs 50,139 per ten grams. Last year, ten grams of gold was at a price of Rs 47,644 on Dhanteras. Normally 20-30 tonnes of gold is sold on the occasion of Dhanteras.

The crowd started gathering from the beginning of the day

Ashish Pethe, President, All India Gems and Jewelery Household Council, said, “From the beginning of the day, people kept thronging. With Dhanteras being celebrated over the weekend this year, we expect the activity in the market to pick up. In value terms, the increase could be five to ten per cent higher as gold prices have also gone up five per cent compared to 2021. Consumer sentiment has been good for the last three-four days and sales momentum has been positive.

Such a time came after two years

He said that the industry is expecting good business in two days. Saurabh Gadgil, Chairman and Managing Director, PNG Jewelers said that the number of people in Maharashtra has been very good since morning. People came either to get their already booked jewelery or to buy gold and silver coins. Vaibhav Saraf, Director, Aishpra Gems & Jewels, Uttar Pradesh, said that after two years, this time there is hope for a good Dhanteras.

Because of this, more people are buying

Saiyam Mehra, Vice President, All India Gem and Jewelery Domestic Council said that Zaveri Bazaar in Mumbai is witnessing a rush of people and it will increase further on Sunday. Suvankar Sen, Managing Director and CEO, Senco Gold & Diamonds said that since Friday, there has been a lot of positivity in the market. He said, “Since Dhanteras falls on the weekend this year, we expect it to be very good.” The southern markets are expected to attract a large number of customers.

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