Due to a small mistake of the petrol pump manager, 15 liters of petrol started selling, people started filling the tanks!

Due to the continuous increase in the prices of crude oil around the world, the economy of various countries has collapsed. India is the world’s third largest crude oil importer. The prices of petrol and diesel are increasing continuously here too. There have also been rumors in many places that the stock of fuel at petrol pumps is limited. In the midst of these speculations, an interesting news has come to the fore.

Due to a small mistake of the manager of Shell gas station located in Rancho Cordovana, North California, USA, petrol started selling there for ₹ 15 per liter instead of ₹ 135 per liter. It is noteworthy that 3.7 liters of petrol comes in one gallon. Many people took advantage of this mistake of petrol pump and forgot their tanks. In this affair, the petrol pump owner suffered a loss of Rs 12.5 lakh. It is believed that around 200 people took advantage of the desire for a petrol pump. According to the report, the petrol pump owner has fired the erring manager. Due to this mistake of the manager, where ₹6750 had to be paid to fill a 50-liter tank in a car, people got the tanks filled for ₹750 only.

According to a report, this mistake was made by the manager of the gas station, John Sjeslina. He had mistakenly written the decimal in the price of petrol. For this reason petrol started selling for ₹ 501 per gallon. Let us tell you that there is a self-service system at many petrol pumps in America. Here the rate is written at the petrol pump station and people reach with their vehicles and after paying through the card themselves, they get filled with petrol. As soon as people came to know about this mistake, they reached this self-service petrol pump and left after filling the tank. The manager has admitted his mistake. Now he is worried that the owner of the station should not sue him to compensate for the loss. Meanwhile, his family has created an account in the name of GoFundMe and is trying to make up for the loss by collecting funds from people.

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