Did Team India cost dearly for not giving Shreyas Iyer a chance? Rahane was a flop in the last 5 innings


Team India: The last match of the Test series is currently being played between India and South Africa in Cape Town. Most of India’s batsmen were flop in the first innings and the team was reduced to just 223 runs. Apart from captain Virat Kohli, none of the batsmen could reach the half-century. In the last match too, the performance of the batsmen was disappointing, due to which the team had to face defeat. After the poor performance in the first innings, questions are being raised about many players of India.

For a long time, this senior batsman Ajinkya Rahane has been running flops. In this series, so far one half-century has come from his bat. The team management expressed confidence in him, but he did not live up to the expectations. Many people believe that if young batsman Shreyas Iyer had got a chance in his place, then the results could have been different. In such a situation, the biggest question is whether Team India has made a big mistake by not giving Iyer a chance? Especially when Rahane has been consistently disappointing.

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Rahane could only score 135 runs so far

The team management and some Rahul Dravid expressed confidence in Ajinkya Rahane and gave him a chance in all the matches of the series. But Rahane could only score a half-century in the second innings of the second match. Apart from this, no one could play a big innings. In the first match, he scored 48 and 20 runs in two innings. In the second match, he scored 0 and 58. Whereas in the first innings of the third match, he could score only 9 runs. Overall, only 135 runs have come off his bat in the last five innings.

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Shreyas Iyer had a banging debut

Talking about Iyer, he scored a century and a half-century in his debut match against New Zealand. He scored 105 in the first innings of the match played in Kanpur and 65 in the second innings. Despite being in good form, not giving him a chance can prove to be very costly for the team.



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