Debanshu Das: A Dropout Guy Who Became A Digital Nomad

Today we are going to talk about Mr Debanshu Das, a 20-year-old guy from Rourkela, Odisha. He is an Engineering dropout who is spreading positivity and good vibes over the internet with his Instagram page, which has more than 180k followers from all over the globe. Apart from this, he handles a few other pages and business profiles and works as a social media manager for people who like to grow on Instagram.

The Journey of Debanshu Das

After intermediate (12th), he joined an engineering college. He never liked that degree or the jobs related to that field. While doing engineering, he started getting negative thoughts like what if he won’t get a job or even if he gets one, it will pay him less. After a month, he came to know that he is a victim of Depression, Anxiety Disorder. Then he started writing those negative things in a paper, and he felt peace at the mental level after doing so. It’s like throwing out garbage from your own house.

After a few days, he thought why not write these things over the internet and let other people heal as well. Then he started the page with a name ‘Stories of Deb’ which later got a name ‘Stories Of The Day.’

Business Venture

Money has never been a part of his plan. It was solely made for people who are facing mental illness. But when it grew, he started getting advertisement offers from individuals as well as from brands. Then he grew himself plus started managing others’ Instagram handles. Till now, he has worked with 400+ clients from 25+ countries. He works as a Content creator/Memer, Social media consultant, account builder, growth hacker etc.

How It Changed His Life

As an introvert, he keeps things up to himself. He said. “Yes, it has positively changed my life. I’ve made a lot of things for my family and me on my own at the age of 19. Recently I turned 20, and I have donated a lump sum amount to the Special Child Care school. I’m not bragging about this. I feel privileged to be financially independent at a young age.”

A Message For The Society

Never think that it is an easy task to create an Instagram account and start making money. Remember, Rome was not built in a Day. Things will take time; you have to be consistent and have self-motivation while you’re building yourself. Never feel low, if you are going through some sort of mental trauma, don’t hesitate to contact me [email protected] or directly send me a ‘Hi’ in the inbox. I’ll be happy if we can connect someday.

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