Meet 21 year Old Zaid Uddin Khan, Founder and CEO of ZigzidMedia

Zaid Uddin khan is a successful youngest digital entrepreneur who owns a startup called “ZigzidMedia.”  The well known, Youngest Digital Entrepreneur and Marketer Zaid Uddin Khan from Sironj, India. Founder and CEO of ZigzidMedia, He has a magnificent working portfolio that includes his various years of experience as an entrepreneur in digital marketing. His work list is quite impressive because he has worked with some renowned celebrities along with the influencers, and successful entrepreneurs.

Zaid Uddin Khan Founder of ZigzidMedia

He is pursuing B.Tech from All Saints college of technology Bhopal. Zaid is spreading motivations all around and empowers youth to do some extraordinary stuff. This talented boy is breaking stereotypes. He is learning new skills every day and started applying them for different projects. That’s how the journey started. Zaid is very popular in his field. His hard work and passion for Digital marketing are the reason for his success.

We all know the importance of digital marketing in today’s social media world. He works individually for his clients for their social media management, Youtube Promotions, Brand promotion, Branding, Digital Marketing & Online advertising. The main goal of ZigzidMedia is to provide the best services in Affordable Price.

The way he deals with his clients depicts real entrepreneurial skills which he has embraced magnificently. He is now best known for his chore, which is basically to assist a man to elevate his brand by building personal brands and connections, which helped them to grow digitally. Thus, this youngest lad is doing a phenomenal job by precisely investing his time and making the best use of it.

Follow him on Instagram @xaid_uddin

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