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Bollywood: So will Varun become ‘Bheliya’? The teaser of the film came out, the trailer will be released on October 19

Varun Dhawan shared the teaser of the film on his Twitter account

Varun Dhawan is one of those Bollywood actors who have given many hits in the early stages of his career. Varun is in the headlines these days for his film ‘Bhediya’. Varun Dhawan is going to complete his one decade in the Indian film industry on 19 October. Meanwhile, Varun Dhawan has given a surprise to everyone. Varun Dhawan will release the trailer of his film ‘Bhediya’ on October 19. Before the trailer, a teaser of the film has been released, the video of which has been shared by Varun Dhawan on his Twitter account. This teaser looks great.

‘Bhediya’ teaser released

Let us tell you that Varun Dhawan, who has given intense films like ‘Badlapur’ and ‘October’, is going to be seen in a different form in his new film. Varun himself seems to be playing the character of a wolf in this film. Amar Kaushik has directed this film. An attempt has been made to make this film ‘Bhediya’ keeping in mind the audience of both the sections. Maddock Films had earlier made a horror comedy film like ‘Stree’ and now they are bringing ‘Bhediya’ among their fans. He is going to present a new genre of a creature comedy to the people.

Its trailer will be released on October 19

It is worth noting that the teaser of ‘Bhediya’ looks very attractive. In this 45-second teaser, the voices of the dreaded wolf are heard amidst the jungles. The teaser starts with Jungle and a song is playing in the background saying ‘Khauf hai iss jungle mein mere naam ka… Par kya karoon main is hal ka. The sinful stomach said, why are you dying? A man is seen running in front of the wolf and then it is seen that some people have lit the fire and only then an image of a wolf is seen in the fire and he shouts loudly. After which the names of Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon flash on the screen. Sharing this teaser video, Varun Dhawan wrote in the caption, ‘Banege insaan mera breakfast. The trailer of Bhediya will be released on 19 October 2022.

To be released in cinemas on November 25

From the teaser of the film itself, it is known that strong VFX has been used in the film. The makers have claimed that it is only 30 percent of the trailer. It is clear that the audience is going to get full fun in the trailer. Kriti Sanon is going to be seen as an interesting vet doctor in this film. The film is scheduled to release in theaters on November 25.

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