Appearance: Convert weakness into strength: ITpreneurs

An event on ‘IT Entrepreneurs 9 by 9’ was organized by Surat The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry as part of Entrepreneurship Lounge Season 5 Episode 1 on Wednesday 28 September at Samridhi, Nanpura Surat. In which Ganpat Dhamelia, CEO of Asvi Consultancy Services, Kalpesh Kotdia, CEO of Camfitech LLP, Alpesh VaghasiaArtun Solutions Pvt. Ltd. & CEO of Ultimate Business Systems Pvt Ltd, Komal Dholakia, CTO of Decodepe, Mayuri Ruparel, Founder and Director of Royalpos SwiftAutomatics Services Pvt Ltd, Shailesh Khawani, Founder and CEO of Hard and Soft Consultancy, Dynahub Software Solutions Pvt COO of Logicwind Technologies LLP CEO Mukt Nachiket Patel and Concept CEO Puneet Gajera presented their success stories in the IT sector to the youth and gave them vital guidance to venture into the IT sector as well.

Nothing stops in the world, IT has proved this in Corona: Himanshu Bodawala

Chamber of Commerce President Himanshu Bodawala said that the success story of youth who entered IT sector in Surat in last five years is being presented to entrepreneurs and especially youths who want to enter IT sector. The IT industry has given the gift of work from home to the entire human race in the curse of Corona. This process, which started from the time of Corona, is still effective today. Rather, its scope is increasing. So it can be said that whatever the reason, nothing stops in the world, it has been proved in IT.

Software made on one rupee token, software installed in 275 banks today: Ganpat Dhameliya

Ganpat Dhamelia said that got marks in MBBS but due to interest in IT field took admission in IT course started in Veer Narmad South Gujarat University and moved in that direction. He lived in Dharamsala, Mumbai with a friend and used to go for job interviews in IT companies. After that he also worked in a company in Mumbai on good salary, but left the job in the year 2007-08 and came to Surat to make accounts, diamond and textile software. Created software for new clearing system for banks. In four years he visited 350 banks in Gujarat with the aim of providing the software, but giving importance to relationship and quality rather than rupee, he made a one rupee deal and installed the software in one bank. Due to this relationship, orders were received to install software in 275 banks of Mumbai. Now they are trying to make Surat an IT hub. He got guidance from Kanjibhai Bhalada and today he is successful in IT sector. He said that now all of us will have to work together to make Surat a digital valley.

IT sector will touch new heights in Surat too: Kalpesh Kotadia

Kalpesh Kotadia said, it is easy to talk about entrepreneurship in IT or any other field but it is equally difficult to actually implement it. There are legal and business challenges for that, but when you decide what to do and move in that direction, you are sure to find success. Today he is associated with seven companies. He further said that like Bangalore, Pune and other cities, the IT sector in Surat will touch new heights.

Was weak in studies, now made 200 games for many companies of the world: Alpesh Vaghasia

Alpesh Vaghasiya said that he could not read and write properly till the seventh standard. After seeing other students in school taking prizes, I decided that one day I would go on stage to receive awards and work hard for it. Also worked in a company in Mumbai for two years. There were many cities in the country to make a career but chose Surat. Wanted to give employment to others, so started his own company. The family was concerned but went ahead with the decision. Initially made three games and then started service business. Created Artun Company and made 200 games till now. Now working for many people in the world. We have invested in six companies and are advising 20 other companies to promote start-ups.

When you get multiple projects, focus on productivity: Milan Dholakia

Milan Dholakia said that Komal Dholakia has worked in IT as developer as well as sales and projects management. There are many difficulties to face while starting a company in the IT sector. One has to be dedicated to the work in a professional manner. Will have to manage sales and projects. When you’ve got multiple projects, you have to focus on productivity. So they are now moving ahead focusing on large scale projects.

Created 300 mobile apps after daughter’s birth: Mayuri Ruparel

Mayuri Ruparel said, IT sector takes us far and wide and also brings business from there. Mayuri, who studied in Mumbai and started working with a government project. She started freelancing after the birth of her daughter. There was a growing need for a billing solution from the client. So they started making mobile apps. Till now they have created around 300 mobile apps and working with many good clients. They are also working towards women empowerment to increase the contribution of women in IT sector.

Principle should never be compromised: Shailesh Khawani

Shailesh Khawani said, Companies started in IT sector and some of them also failed. But from every failure he learned something new and moved on in life. Initially the focus was only on technical matters, but it is necessary to focus on management as well. He said that the principle should never be compromised. Must connect emotionally with employees and always stand by the team.

Many opportunities have arisen for IT sector in Surat: Mukti Roy

Mukti Roy said, his company is working with e-commerce and government bodies. Surat has created many opportunities for the IT sector and Surat is poised to become an IT hub. When a team works together, everyone should grow. We as an IT company have been dealing with clients for years. The IT sector should identify domestic talent and integrate them into the team.

Convert your weakness into strength, thinking should be of the future: Nachiket Patel

Nachiket Patel said that since he was already interested in programming, he chose the IT sector. Worked in Essar company for four years, but always likes to do something new in life. So he quit his job and made a super game. He said convert your weakness into strength. The thought should be of the future. Relationships are very important in life, which brings good work and name. That’s why core values ​​are important. Must have full faith in the team and delegate good work.

Trying to make Surat an IT hub: Puneet Gajera

Puneet Gajera said, He took admission in Homeopathy but started his career as a part time programmer in the year 2007 due to interest in IT. After doing one job I thought of starting my own company. Now the employee is also a partner in my company. They have been trying to make Surat an IT hub for the last seven years. He said that entrepreneurship is neither easy nor difficult. If you have passion to do entrepreneurship then you can do it.

Chamber’s vice-president Ramesh Vaghasiya concluded the vote of thanks.

Chamber’s group chairman Kamlesh Gajera prepared the program outline. Dr. Rakesh Doshi, Co-Chairman of the Chamber’s Entrepreneurship Development Committee presented its summary at the end of the programme. The entire program was conducted by committee member Chetan Patel. In the end, the Vice President of the Chamber, Ramesh Vaghasiya, concluded the program by expressing his gratitude to all.

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