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Big twist is going to come in Anupama serial

Anupam Show: These days the wedding rituals of Dimple and Samar are being done in Anupama TV serial. Due to Samar’s marriage, there is only happiness in the Shah house. Now meanwhile, a big twist is going to come in Anupama TV serial. The next episode of Anupama might see the entry of Guru Maa. In the previous episode, it was shown that Anupama requests Guru Maa to attend Samar’s wedding, she will be very happy. Although Guru Mane did not give any answer, she just smiled and went away.

Guru Maa’s entry will be in the show!


It is being told that Anupama will be very happy to see Guru Maa in the next episode. Guru Maa’s grand entry is going to happen in Anupama. However, till now the makers have not given any reaction regarding this matter. But Anupama’s brother Bhavesh has definitely given a hint regarding this matter. Bhavesh i.e. Mehul Nishar has shared a post on Instagram in which he is seen with Anupama’s Guru Maa.

Anu had lied to Maya

It was shown in the Anupama TV serial that in the atmosphere of Samar and Dimple’s marriage, Maya created many conspiracies to humiliate Anupama. But Anupama has also given a befitting reply. Anupama scolds Maya a lot. The track of Samar and Dimple’s wedding is currently being shown in Anupamaa TV serial.

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