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Bhojpuri beauty Akshara Singh opened her blouse from this actor

Akshara Singh and Anil Samrat: Bhojpuri industry is also no less than Bollywood industry. People like Bhojpuri songs very much whenever a song is released it goes viral within minutes. Recently, a romantic song by Anil Samrat and Akshara Singh is becoming increasingly viral. People are sweating seeing the romance of Akshara Singh and Anil Samrat. Akshara Singh is considered to be the most famous actress of Bhojpuri industry.

Akshara Singh’s romantic song went viral


One such song of Bhojpuri cinema’s most famous actress Akshara Singh is going viral at the moment, whose name is ‘Khola e Raja Ji Blouse’. People are feeling ashamed after hearing and seeing this song. In this video, Akshara Singh and Anil Samrat are seen shooting a very romantic scene. This song has been trending on YouTube for a long time.

More than 55 lakh views have been received

This song has got more than 55 lakh views so far. This song is sung by Indu Sonali and lyrics are penned by Vinay Bihari. The music direction of this song has also been done by Vinay Bihari. At this time this video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Akshara Singh is seen being romantic in most of the songs.

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