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Being a pawn, getting caught in the vortex!

What a tragic truth that man himself is a piece of chess unintentionally. Most of the men became pawns and kings, Queen, They are living on the basis of Wazir etc. He’s a mechanical pawn. This was not the case before the system. Man was earlier enjoying life in the sovereignty-freedom of individual consciousness. ..but the tragedy of homo sapiens is that 99 percent of the people remain pawns in the chess of the systems made by him. Victims of administrators. It is a paradoxical latch like a Catch-22. Man is nothing in spite of being everything! Even though he is not an animal, he lives in an animal farm.

Judgment mouth-4: Catch up on live world headlines! In Sri Lanka, people are on the streets suffering from financial difficulties. Millions of people locked in enclosures like animals due to fear of Corona in China! The world does not understand whether 1.25 lakh people died or four million due to the epidemic in India? The number of Ukrainian refugees in Europe has crossed five million. Some hundred billion dollars in damage due to the unseasonal extreme disasters of 2021.… Think, who is the victim in all this news? Human! Is it because of the pauperism in Sri Lanka? What is the ghost of Corona in China from people? Did people in India themselves hide the truth of death? Are people living in a particular place the cause of unseasonal disasters? The question is, who is dead, killed or victim in every news? Poor innocent, senseless, powerless people! what not?

The right question is, out of the eight billion people of the earth, how many have their right to life in the bus? But how many people have happiness, contentment and personal security in their personal lives? Aren’t the majority of the people dependent, the third class passengers of movement in 84 lakh yonis on the platform of Ihloka in Bhagya Bharosa?

Secondly, if people are not capable, they are living in the helplessness of time and environment, then who is responsible? Are they themselves or those who have taken charge of them or who have been given the responsibility by voting themselves?

Only then if eight billion people living in the dangers of ambient air-water-weather are considered in their entirety and they are examined in the scales of indices, parameters, then will it not be proved that the life of the majority of the eight billion people is unclaimed, their To be a victim again and again, to be a fool and to suffer a hellish life is from their own destiny.

man hunted by his own hands

It is said that people and citizens are intelligent. are capable. He is sitting on the highest peak of individual consciousness. They are not helpless, but they are capable. They are not helpless but strong! Every homo sapien understands that he created everything by himself. A person is the master, craftsman, architect and contractor of his own life. He is conscious of his existence. is capable. Be that as it may, human civilization has been formed by the individual effort of man.

If so, then why is he a victim? Why do people live in charity? If one hundred crore people in India are living on five kilograms of food grains and water and subsidy of two to four thousand rupees, then is it not to live in ignorance and helplessness?

Kind of pawn helplessness! In a sense man is a chess in himself. The game of chess has emerged from his intellect. The intellect-shiromani Brahmin of India named Chaturanga made chess in the fifth-sixth century. The game of life was made a game and the world liked it. But what a tragic truth that man himself is a piece of chess unintentionally. Most of the human beings are living on the basis of king, queen, vizier etc. and with their defeat and victory, there is a crisis of existence. Man is a mechanical pawn. This was not the case before. It was not before the systems were created. Then man was enjoying life in the universal freedom of the individual consciousness. He was living life with vigor. But the tragedy of Homo sapiens is that 99 percent of the people have remained pawns because of the arrangements made by him. They are victims of administrators.

It is a paradoxical latch like a Catch-22. Man is nothing in spite of being everything! Even though he is not an animal, he lives in an animal farm. He is a victim of chess moves. The pawn is made. It’s the ball now, not the player. He is a hunter, not a hunter. He is working under the control of being, destiny, and not the independent, self-appointed Karmayogi!

Then human beings were divided into two types of life. Predator and prey. of master and slave. Tantrik of Tantra and its Ganas.

So think about the crowd. So what to do? He is doing hi, hi on the streets of Sri Lanka. Unclaimed dying in India. Sobbing and sobbing in China. Dying and running in Ukraine. Living in man-made cages and scorching in climate havoc, drowning, breathing poison. After all, what do people do? What’s on their bus?

How did this happen? The man himself is responsible for this. He has made his own pawn in his own made chess.

man made of few intelligent

In fact, philosophers, scholars, scientists, intelligentsia first thought of playing human life in the attainment of individual consciousness. The story of man was made in his knowledge. Man made a game of life. Make rules and regulations of the game. With their own hands made kings, queens, viziers, camels, horses, elephants and made infantry of pawns. Man was tied from all sides in the rules and regulations of society, religion and politics. Total human nature is made of slaves in Animal Farm’s sheep, pawns in chess or the infantry of the Superherding Formation aka Mecha. There has been a takeover of humanity. He became a people. He surrendered his everything to the omniscience of the king-queen, prime minister-president-powerful.

I am repeating again that the journey of Homo sapiens started with individual mind, force, freeness of steps and willful nature. Even in the known history, the beginning was with the personal penance of the sages. His thought was to understand the mysteries of nature. Be it the philosopher Socrates, Aristotle or his disciples, all were considering man in their personal spiritual practice. From that system and religion started to be formed. Then development started from logic, then Galileo declared the earth to be spherical. Einstein revealed the truth of the universe from physics. It was all by my own discovery. Therefore, the entire development of the last six thousand years is due to the personal contribution of only one hundred and two hundred people of the intellect. There is no meaning of king-queen-vizier, nation, race or crowd. In other words, the Bhagiratha of Gangotri of the Ganges of Knowledge is a set of hundred-two hundred ascetics, learned-scientists, Karmayogis and philosophers-thinkers. Due to these methods of living, ideologies were formed. All of the crowd was from perfect persons of individual consciousness. In different areas of the earth, elders (like chimpanzee society) created their system by giving leadership. As a result, many human stories of society and race were formed. Everything was predetermined from the stories from birth to death. The stories are penned from fate, destiny and the words of the Prophet.

Homo sapiens becoming the pawn of a roaming independent existence is one of the most tragic aspects of human history. People got crowded. Aham’s Bhasmasura was born out of the crowd. Humans corresponding to the chimpanzee’s DNA became the command of the owners of the enclosures. This made the life of the crowd even more tied up. In this bounded human journey, Homo sapiens did less good and more harm than kings and queens from the chieftains of the crowd. Wisdom, knowledge-science-truth did not become wings, nor did the crowd become intelligent. On the contrary, due to the crowd, the battles became more. So the infantry of the people in the crowd is of little importance and whatever has happened is because of the effort of individual intelligence.

globalization then and now,

Today the world is a globalized village. Just compare this village with the earth of eight thousand years ago. If nothing happens, then the roaming Homo sapiens were spread all over the world. Primitive humans were in Africa two to two and a half million years ago. They left from there and gradually spread all over the earth. Think, wasn’t that globalization of Homo sapiens on its own? In the ancient times, it was due to the ideas, behavior and exchange and movement of the individual mind of the courageous and prodigy. He was not from the community will of any king, country or society. This basic element of human nature is that he is Columbus. From the very beginning, one or two people or tribes have moved ahead in search of new areas, new things. Somebody made stone weapons, tools. Somebody found fire. Somebody made a wheel. These inventions were then transferred from one person to another in the same way as technology is being transferred in the last hundred-and-a-half hundred years. Recall how telephone-wireless telegrams or tools of communication were made in the period 1875-1895 by two or four erudite scientists like Graham Bell and how they are now spread in the world. In 1903, the Wright brothers gave the flying machine. Alan Turing germinated the seeds of modern computing. In 1989, English scientist Tim Berners-Lee created the Internet, then Charles Kuen Cao thought of the network of the global web in the idea of ​​broadband. On the other hand, Gorbachev showed the courage to free man from the cruelest cages of human history. As a result, see the world converted into a globalized village!

Yes, globalization is the result of the tune of a few prophets, scientists and liberal men. An unmatched achievement giving a sense of the totality of human society!

The root cause is the accomplishment of individual intelligence of a few people in the crowd of humans. That is how humanity became powerful. But the tragedy that these achievements made man a follower, a pawn. Pawns and seals were used throughout human society. That’s why man now says hi, hi on the streets. Unclaimed dies. Works lifeless like a machine and lives life in the absence of broken karma. The individual ability to fight disaster and disaster (such as a vaccine solution derived from the personal research of scientists in the challenge of corona virus) is also not equally accessible to the entire human society. Because people are divided into different countries, societies, communities, races, civilizations and interests. The people in them are mere characters and pawns of the stories.

No wonder well-informed people are predicting the destruction of the Earth by climate change. Telling the ways to escape, but everyone is busy in the carving! Are the 195 countries of the earth running thin and running in the danger of existence, as the common man does in the personal calamity-disaster on himself?

No doubt Russia, China, India, Brazil, Mexico, North Korea, African-Arab countries and their Presidents-Prime Ministers know that the earth and humanity are in danger, but how many of them are making people aware by showing seriousness and passion, rather On the contrary, all invite destruction in different narratives, pleas of compulsion and necessity. Living by ignoring the crises.

Therefore, the possibility of human cataclysmic crisis is increasing. The vortex of devastating crises is continuously deepening. (Ongoing)

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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