ATF Price Cut: Air fuel becomes cheaper for the first time after becoming 10 times more expensive in 2022, air ticket prices still!


Jet fuel


  • ATF prices slashed by 1.3 per cent from June 1
  • ATF prices were hiked 10 times in 2022
  • ATF prices increased by 61% since January

On the morning of the first day of June, the common people got two good news. While commercial LPG cylinder became cheaper by Rs 135, the passengers traveling by air also got good news. For the first time in 2022, the prices of aircraft fuel ie ATF have come down. ATF prices have been reduced by 1.3 per cent with effect from June 1. Earlier, aviation turbine fuel (ATF) prices were increased 10 times since January.

According to the website of Indian Oil Corporation, ATF prices have been reduced by 1.3 percent on Wednesday morning. After this, the price of aviation fuel has gone up to Rs 1.21 lakh per kiloliter. Earlier on May 16, the company had increased the prices by 5 percent, after which the price reached Rs 1.23 lakh per kiloliter.

ATF Rates in Metro Cities

  • Delhi Rs 121,475.74
  • Kolkata Rs 126,369.98
  • Mumbai Rs 120,306.99
  • Chennai Rs 125,725.36

61.7 percent increase this year

ATF Price History

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ATF Price History

ATF accounts for 40 percent of the expenditure on aircraft operations. This is the reason why the increase in ATF makes tickets costlier. Since January in 2022, the value of ATF has been increased 10 times. At the beginning of the year, on January 1, its price was Rs 72,062 per kiloliter. At the same time, it has increased by 61.7 percent since then. On June 1, its price has reached Rs 1.21 lakh.

Rent doubled in one year

Destination 2021 2022
Delhi to Mumbai 2400 5400
Delhi to Pune 2800 6550
Delhi to Bangalore 4200 6200
Delhi to Kolkata 4100 5530
Delhi to Patna 3100 5850

(prices based on July to September average)

Prices were on fire in March

On March 16 this year, companies had made the biggest increase in ATF. On March 1, where the price of ATF was 93,530 per kiloliter, after increasing by 18.3 percent on March 16, it crossed one lakh for the first time to 110,666 per kiloliter. At the same time, after the increase in April and May, the prices reached 1.23 lakh per kiloliter.

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