Anmol Gugnani: Fitness Model and an Inspiration for Youth

Anmol Gugnani needs no introduction, going by the popularity he has gained in the last few years amongst the young generation. Anmol born and brought up in a farmer family of the Jatt community has remodelled the traditional image of Indian youth. It goes by the saying “Action is the foundational key to all success.” His exquisite lifestyle and flexible personality have left an impact on every person whom he has ever met.

The Journey of Anmol Gugnani

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Making his family business, GUGNANI BUILDCON PRIVATE LIMITED, reach new heights is startling and that his family also says. Also magnifying his empire, his entrepreneurial spirit can be seen by the positive reviews received by his family’s own GUGNANI STORE. Apart from his professional traits, he has gained popularity among society due to his association with every section of society.

Anmol Gugnani has already proven his political traits too from the very early stage of his college days which provided him with an insight into the political system of the country and also helped him to in the good books of every person, irrespective of the social status. This also benefited him with the love and support of each person he is known to.

Anmol Gugnani is a strong supporter of the uplifting of women be it education, self-defence training for girls from the rural sector. He is also finding ways to promote activities for making poor sections of the society self-reliant. He says that whatever the conditions prevail, education and health care are the basic priorities. Many social activities are done by him, such as helping flood victims in Kerala.

He donated supplies to the victims, and also donated in the Kerela Relief Fund. Tree plantation drive, cleanliness drive, and rallies in Delhi, distribution of hand sanitizers mask to poor people free of cost; all this proves his concern for the elevation of the society. A great student activist since college days. Fitness enthusiast, Anmol Gugnani is known for his healthy eating habits and practising fitness schedules. Being a Delhi University sports president for the year, 2016-2017 adds value to his personality. He is also looking forward to launching his own brand of fitness programs. His varied qualities have fetched him a huge fan base on social media, be it Instagram or Facebook. Anmol Gugnani a personality that inspires all.


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