Meet Aditi Negi: The Indowestern Girl

Aditi Negi, 20, She has completed SSC and HSC, now what’s next? Where would life take her now was her fear? She was talented but couldn’t find her way out because she didn’t just want a 9-5 job; she wasn’t born for this. She has been recognized and acknowledged as “Indowestern girl.” Indo western style is Aditi’s perfection of lifestyle, luxury, travel and fashion. You will definitely want to take inspiration from her unique way of styling.

The Journey of Aditi Negi

Aditi Negi, Indowestern Girl, Aditislookbook

Aditislookbook is her blog which has inspired many women out there for Indo western styles. Her style speaks about her dressing sense of combining Indian and western. She started writing her blog in 2017 and has finally become one of the known bloggers in Mumbai. Apart from being a blogger, she’s also a model where she has walk ramp for L’Oreal Professionnel—collaborated with more than 300+ brands namely Aeropostale, burger king India, Ardellbeauty, daniel wellington.

Her blogging journey started when she was 18 and she’s known for her styles in this blogging industry. Her take of fashion is very unique from other bloggers where she drapes Saree’s with dungarees, skirt and denim. She has amassed 11k+ followers on Instagram.
She has climbed the heights of success one step at a time. It was 2017 when she started posting her looks on Instagram, Facebook and never looked back. She says to be positive and don’t lose opportunities because time waits for none. It was difficult to manage studies and blogging together. Still, she gave her best without worrying where she grabs her coffee and goes for early morning photoshoot than college, comes back home edits her photos and videos.

She has been dealing with mental stress when she was 17 because she couldn’t manage to speak up and tell her parents about blogging as they wouldn’t believe that she would make money out of this and take it ahead as her career. It took a year for her to decide and tell her parents about her passion, where she could earn a good amount and make them proud of this journey.

Aditi Negi, Indowestern Girl, Aditislookbook

With her journey, it’s pretty clear that nothing is impossible if you give your best, and she has proved that dreams come true. She is present on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Winkl, Blogspot and is admired for her work. She believes in being honest about reviewing the brand’s that she’s working with to her audience. Her dedication and consistency towards her page is something we would like to appreciate.

She’s someone who loved clicking picture and experimenting things. Blogging is a new word for some in India. She started putting up her content without having a fear of how people will judge her in society. However, her posts got good and honest feedback from her audience. She says, stands out and be unique instead of copying what others are doing. Be true to who you are!

Blogging is a creative field, and it takes time to reach there, once you do there wouldn’t be any need to look back. People don’t realise that blogging is a career and a passion.
Classic things never die so I like to keep my outfits classy and minimal she says, don’t want to get vanished by following trends so she personally never follows them. Tries to create content that fits well with the brand’s image.

Everyone in this world has got some unique talent, and she found her talent, followed the path by not copying others. Creating unique and engaging content is her unique identity in the digital world. Always wanted to do something different and ‘stand out’s from the crowd. Started posting about fashion, travel, food, lifestyle and has started taking her blogging journey more seriously as she wants to take this ahead as her career. Shares behind the scene with the audience so that they all know it is not glam there, it’s all about hard work and struggles. Now people have started asking her for fashion advice, and few also ask her to decide their attires. Believes in giving genuine product and quality reviews to the audience only after using them, and she doesn’t promote anything she doesn’t believe in.

Blogging requires a lot of time investment where you need to check emails, reply to your audience, schedule shoots and edits. She keeps watching a lot of bloggers and YouTubers, and eagerly wait for their looks, gets inspiration and then creates her own. You can also follow her blog, which is known as ‘Aditislookbook’ and also a verified content creator “Aditi Negi” on Winkl.

It might look like a risk, but what’s life without taking one? One such person who took a chance of quitting her designing passion to achieve her dreams in the beauty and fashion world is Aditi Negi.

Instagram – @_theglitterysoul_
Verified blog link- Thelookbook

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