AMX USB Type C Cable Review: It Comes With Lifetime Warranty

We all are always running out of battery and in such a tough condition, only the charger can save us. The charging technology is improving day by day and we have super-fast chargers now. However, the quality of the charging cable is not always best and we end up breaking the original cable. Then we look for the USB Type C Cable all around which is not good in quality and damage phone’s battery health. But an Indian company, AMX came with a solution for it. The AMX USB Type C Cable is unbreakable and just in case you somehow break the cable then nothing to worry about because it also comes with lifetime replacement warranty. Let’s now jump into the AMX USB Type C Cable Review.

AMX USB Type C Cable Review

Lifetime Warranty

The USP or Unique Selling Point of this cable is the lifetime Warranty. You can easily replace the cable if you find some issue with this. However, trust me it’s not easy to break this cable. I mean the material used to build the cable is so sturdy, so, there’s no need to replace it in the lifetime. I use my mobile a lot while charging and I successfully have broken 2 cables just because of this habit. And, I don’t think I’ll ever need to use any other cable. Additionally, you can carry this in your bag without any further safety.

Build Quality

As I mentioned above, the build quality is superior. The cable is covered with Nylon Fibre which protects the cable. The coating is sturdy and thick. There is a sticker which helps to carry the cable while travelling. The USB A and USB C sides are silver in colour and there is AMX branding on the Type C side which gives it a premium look.

AMX USB Type C Cable Review

Charging Speed

The fast charger is a very common thing nowadays and the AMX USB Type C Cable supports Quick Charge 3.0. AMX claims that this cable charges 20% faster than the regular USB cables and in our testing we found it to be true. My Redmi K20 charges faster with the AMX cable compared to the stock cable. So, I recommend you to use this cable to charge your phone faster than before.

5GBPS Data Transfer Speed

The AMX cable is enclosed in Tinned Copper Foil & Multiple Sheathing which minimise Data Signal interference and provides data transfer speed up to 5GBPS, which is insane! I tried to copy one same file using a normal and AMX cable and the result was really impressive. The normal cable took around 7.5 Minutes whereas the file transferred in 5 Minutes with the AMX cable.

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Different Cable Size

AMX USB Type C Cable

The USB Type-A to Type C Cable comes in two different sizes, 1 meter and 2 meters. Just in case the charging point is far from your bed then you can buy the 2 meters cable so that you can use your mobile without worrying about anything.

AMX USB Type C Cable comes with the great build quality, super-fast data transfer speed, fast charging support and most importantly the lifetime warranty, so you should get this cable.

Buy AMX Infiniti USB-A To USB-C Cable

Here’s the best buy link for the product.

AMX Infiniti USB-A To USB-C Cable (Rs. 300)

Also, AMX fast chargers are amazing. You should check out the other products here.

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