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Interview with Mr. Parmveer Singh Sandhu: Founder of Quibus

In this article, we are going to talk about Mr Parmveer Singh Sandhu who is the founder of a Digital Marketing Training Institute called Quibus Trainings. He has taught digital marketing to around 800 students. Let’s start the interview with his introduction.

1. Please introduce yourself.

Hi, my name is Parmveer Singh Sandhu, I’m a Digital Marketing Trainer, Consultant and the Founder of Quibus Trainings (Digital Marketing Training Institute) and Quibus Technosys (Digital Marketing Agency).

I have taught Digital Marketing to more than 800 students from all over Rajasthan and have worked with numerous organizations globally to help them build effective Web Marketing Plans and Digital Marketing Strategies. Apart from these, I have also spoken at various digital marketing events across Rajasthan.

2. Tell us about the journey of Quibus Trainings. How did you started and became the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Rajasthan?

So, when I started in 2012 there were no Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Jaipur, even most of the people don’t know, but Quibus Trainings pioneered the professional teaching of Digital Marketing in Jaipur. So, at that time one thing that I noticed was the demand,  people wanted to learn and know more about Online Marketing but they had no one to teach them.

Even, my journey of teaching Digital Marketing began when some of my acquaintances asked me to teach them digital marketing and since then I have never looked back. Till now I have taught more than 800 students not only from all over Rajasthan but also from MP, Bihar, and Assam.

Students from various parts of India are coming to Jaipur especially to learn Digital Marketing from us, so I feel it is a great achievement for me and Quibus Trainings.

Mr. Parmveer Singh Sandhu - Founder of Quibus
Quibus Trainings Certification Ceremony

3. Along with Quibus Trainings you are also the Founder and Head of Growth at Quibus Technosys, so tell us something about it.

Well, Quibus Technosys is an Internet Marketing Company.  Here we provide complete web marketing solutions to help our clients in increasing their business revenues.

Our services include –

  • SEO Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC Services
  • Web Designing
  • Blog Management
  • Other Services

We have a dedicated team who are masters in Digital Marketing Activities. We have worked with organizations of different niche but we specialize in Education, Medical, Travel, and E-commerce sector.

4. Are you expecting some new trends in Digital Marketing in 2020?

Yes, definitely I’m expecting some new trends for Digital Marketing in 2020 –

  1. SEO will be focused on Branding.
  2. Personalized and Engaging Content will rank.
  3. Voice Search will rise.
  4. Video Marketing will continue to grow, and
  5. Artificial Intelligence will see a rise.

5. What do you think are some Major Challenges faced by Digital Marketers?

Well, being a Digital Marketer from the past 10 years, I have observed these major challenges faced by Digital Marketers –

  1. Until today, there are many people who consider Digital Marketing as an overnight money-making scheme. So, for them, I would like to say that it’s not a lottery or something which will make you a millionaire overnight. It is a complete profession in itself which requires lots of efforts and hard work.
  2. There is a vast competition in SEO nowadays, so you have to be a keen observer which is a rare skill not possessed by everyone in this field.
  3. Digital Marketing is a Dynamic Industry. Every year there is a major algorithm update so you have to keep an eye and optimize your website accordingly.
  4. The last and very important challenge is building a proper plan. Your efforts should be focused on driving results.

6. What are the tips you would like to give to the students who are planning to start a career in Digital Marketing?

Anyone with good language skills, analytics and basic knowledge of computers could learn digital marketing. But, if you’re planning to build a career in it then being passionate is very important. You have to dedicate your time and effort in the field. The more you experiment the more you learn. Along with it I also believe that vertical growth is more important than horizontal growth, so rather than focusing on everything just choose your niche, be it SEO, Analytics or Social Media and work on it.

7. These days there is so much competition in SEO, so what is the best way to attain higher rankings in search results?

Yes, of course, competition has increased these days, so to get higher rankings you need to stay updated, be a keen observer and adapt yourself to whatever changes are there in the SERPs. Also, go through the Google Official blogs regularly to let the latest information.

8. If you had to start from the beginning, how would you start Quibus Technosys for faster success?

Okay, that’s a tricky question! So, if I had to start from the beginning I will focus on “One Thing at a Time”. So, I would’ve focused primarily on SEO with an international approach.

We would have done aggressive branding of Quibus since we’ve never approached as sales to people, even till today we’re getting business from recommendations of our existing clients. So, yes branding would’ve given a different face to us.

Quibus Trainings Certification Ceremomy

9. What are the major challenges you experienced while building Quibus Technosys?

  1. First of all, Team Building definitely because you cannot deliver the best results without a good team.
  2. Retention of clients. I personally believe in Retaining old clients rather than acquiring new ones. You must have heard the phrase “Old is Gold”.

10. How do you deal with negative people?

In the case of negative people, I follow only one mantra i.e., “Mind your own business”.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a student, professional or entrepreneur, if you are passionate about learning digital marketing you should check out the Integrated Digital Marketing Program (IDMP) offered by Quibus Trainings. Whether you’re a local, national or international organization, Quibus Technosys will help you in getting creative web marketing solutions for your organization.

Hope you have enjoyed reading the interview with Mr. Parmveer Singh Sandhu. If you have any questions do let us know in the comment section below.

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