America will save Ukraine from Russian attack

Washington, US President Joe Biden has said that his country is not going to fight Russia to help Ukraine but is protecting Ukraine from Russian aggression. For this, he has appealed to the US Parliament to approve a package of $ 33 billion. He has also said that America is also working to stop the energy needs of two European countries whose gas supply has been stopped by Russia.

President Biden, proposing a $ 33 billion package in parliament to help Ukraine, which is facing Russian attack, said – the price of this fight is not cheap. But if we allow it to happen, it will be more costly to become a victim of aggression. Not only this, on Thursday in the White House, he has referred to the proposed new law to seize the properties of Russian capitalists and help Ukraine with these money and sought permission.

The senior US official told reporters that the bulk of the proposed $33 billion package would go for about $20 billion in military and other security aid, while $8.5 billion would go to help the Ukrainian government and $3 billion to provide food for civilians. and for humanitarian aid. US President Joe Biden said – We are not attacking Russia. We are helping to save Ukraine from Russian attack.

Biden called the rhetoric about the possibility of a nuclear war on the part of Moscow and Putin himself as frustration. Biden said – no one should make useless remarks about the use of nuclear weapons or the possibility that they will use it. This is irresponsible. It is worth noting that it has been two months and five days since Russia’s attack on Ukraine and Russia is now attacking in eastern Ukraine except for the capital Kyiv.

Himansh Verma

Himansh Verma is a senior journalist at Youthistaan who is writing for since 2018. Himansh covers latest news and trending topics.
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