After listing in the stock market, the stock of Adani Wilmar, which gave bumper returns, is closing in the lower circuit, investors are confused

Shares of Adani Group had been steadily rising since the crisis period of Corona epidemic. In that too, the shares of Adani Wilmar, which was recently listed in the stock market, had made investors silver. However, investors in the stock of Adani Wilmar, which gave bumper returns in a span of 3 months, have been confused since last week. of this company share I am having continuous lower circuit since last 5 days.

By the way, overall there is a bearish atmosphere in the stock market for the last few days. Almost all stocks are falling. In such a situation, even the stock of Adani Wilmar could not stand out from the crowd. Nevertheless, well-known brokerage houses believe that Adani Wilmar’s stock will give good returns in the coming days. PR Choksi Brokerage House in its coverage has stated that the company has strong parameters of strong raw material procurement capability and wide business network. It imports 70% of its raw materials and its suppliers are also top players in the world. In this company, the world’s largest palm oil supplier company named Wilmar International has a partnership, due to which the company gets additional profit. This company does not have to depend on any third party supplier for the supply of palm oil.

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Adani Wilmar’s main goal is to increase margins while growing in the FMCG and package food business and expanding its market for value added products. The brokerage house says that for the time being there will not be any significant income in value added products, but the management expects it to get significant support from this business in the medium term. Looking at the company’s balance sheet, the company’s capital raised from the IPO has paid off long-term debt and will also increase the company’s cash flow by coming out of the interest and tax burden. In such a situation, experts are recommending investment in this company for the long term. But common investors have to understand that in view of the current global conditions, the overall market is looking weak and in such a situation, they should make their investment opinion only after waiting for the market to stabilize.

(The information provided here is for informational purposes only. It is important to mention here that investing in the market is subject to market risks. Always consult an expert before investing money as an investor. Investing money on behalf of to anyone That is never advised here.)

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